UGI Bills to Decrease Starting in December

PENNSYLVANIA — Some folks will be a little happier about paying their utilities this winter season.

UGI Penn Natural Gas announced that rates will go down just about 3% starting December 1st.

The average homeowner is reported to save approximately $3 on their bills.


  • 🤔

    Big deal, 3% isn’t much. Look when they raise the price. It’s a way higher percentage. So who cares about $3.00 a month. You can’t even buy a gallon of milk for that anymore. Now, 15-20 would be something to be happy about. Just an observation.

    • lester

      I would be worried, they might hit you with late fees or shut you off mid winter. Look into it, they are know to do these things.

      • commentswithabrain

        Yeah, I’m going to give them a call if I don’t get a bill in the next few days. I know a friend of mine has also not received a bill either – he said it seems to have occurred around the time they switched to the new account numbers.

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