Hunters Discover Body in Wayne County

SALEM TOWNSHIP -- Officials say a body was found in Wayne County on Thursday afternoon.

According to the state police, two hunters stumbled upon the remains along Goose Pond Road near Lakeville around 4:30 p.m.

Police say they believe the remains to be that of a man but also say the body had been there a while.

An autopsy is scheduled for Friday, December 1st.

Anyone with information is asked to contact state police in Honesdale.


  • Joe

    Whoever or however this person wound up there… It’s sad. Kudos to the hunter and PSP for their recovery efforts. I hope they can solve who this man is & how he passed. RIP John Doe

    • Mimi

      I was just thinking the same thing. I hope if him or whom ever he may be his family can put this man to rest. Have some peace of mind

  • Nana

    This body is nowhere near any of those incidents. However it is near whee they put up huge powerlines and the poor mans pocono of Wallenpaupack lake estates. Perhaps you remember the young 15 yr teen girl who was sent To the store for breakfast killed 3 teens and walked away? Same caliber! This is how they are .

    • Nunya

      How “they” are? Those people were from Westchester NY and the father of the girl was sentenced to 16 years in prison. From the poor man’s Poconos of WLE

  • Fredric

    The hunters “found ” the body at about 4:30 pm.

    With only 10 minutes of daylight left, did these hunters have night vision goggles on. There was no scent reported. These remains survived 3-4 searches by the State Police during the Frein search and a 9,000 acres forest fire.

    We are the Poconos. We don’t have a problem with homelessness or unsheltered veterans.

  • Fredric

    Please keep adding the details as they are faxed to you for “cut and paste.” The results of the Autopsy will not be available for weeks.

    Meanwhile welcome to the Pocono area, dumping ground for people you really don’t like. WNEP did a good job just getting this much out as all branches of government and business seem to silence such reporting.


      Although I am not a big fan of WNEP for deleting comments on here, where as the Times is not so pansie abouts comments.
      The Scrotum times has just as much info right now.

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