Forest City Man Charged After Gun Discharges In New York Mall

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FOREST CITY -- A man from Susquehanna County is facing felony charges after police in New York say his gun discharged in a crowded mall.

Michael Perez-Rodriguez of Forest City was reportedly at the mall in Orange County, New York on Sunday when the gun went off.

“Do you want to just say you're sorry for what happened? Do you feel bad, I mean, what happened?” Newswatch 16 asked Michael Perez-Rodriguez outside his home on Delaware Drive in Forest City.

He remained silent as he packed up a minivan parked in his driveway.

The 27-year-old is facing felony charges of reckless endangerment and misdemeanor assault after authorities in Orange County, New York say his gun discharged in a crowded mall there on Sunday.

“I mean do you just want to say that you're sorry? That you feel bad, I mean?” asked Newswatch 16.

Surveillance video from the Galleria at Crystal Run shows Perez-Rodriguez, his wife and two children entering the mall.

Police say Perez-Rodriguez's gun went off outside an American Eagle, injuring a 49-year-old woman and her 12-year-old son.

The discharge prompted a mass evacuation of the mall as heavily armed police stormed through the building.

Investigators say Perez-Rodriguez and his family fled the scene with Perez-Rodriguez turning himself into police on Tuesday.

His neighbors in Forest City say the family has lived in the borough for less than a year.

“Probably eight months, seven, eight months,” said Ed St. Hilaire. “I haven't really talked to them, they're quiet, stay to themselves, she works, I guess he stays home, I don't know.”

Ed and Christy St. Hilarie have three young daughters, they say one of Rodriguez's kids or wife could have been killed.

“I wouldn't want him carrying it in a mall, there's no reason for it,” said Christy St. Hilarie.

Police say Perez-Rodriguez grew up in New York and his parents still live there.

The minivan that pulled away from Perez-Rodriguez house had New York plates.

“Are you going to be staying with your parents, I guess?” asked Newswatch 16 with no response from Perez-Rodriguez.

Investigators say Perez-Rodriguez has a concealed carry permit in Pennsylvania and New York.

He is scheduled to be back in court in Orange County, New York next week.



  • warningfakenews

    I wondered what results I’d get if I did a web search for Cop Accidently Discharges…..

    Yup, thought so.

    • Fake news guy is a coward

      I wonder if fake news guy put a badge and uniform on for a few months if he would spit the same venom he does now? Yup, thought so. Coward.

      • warningfakenews

        Venom? I say that good cops, who honor their oath to the US Constitution should be rewarded mightily, and that bad cops who don’t should be removed from the role of peace officers. Is it that you believe thug cops should be rewarded?

        My point here was to show that accidents happen, even when someone is well trained- as cops should be. The punishment for this dude should be no more or no less than if a cop had done this.

      • I did my job, reward me mightily

        You are such a loon. So people that do their job to the best of their abilities should be ‘rewarded mightily’. Yes, venom. Almost everything you post is anti-cop, and then your routine is to back-pedal like a rat caught in the act. Kathy Griffin! Is that you? Give it up already it’s way past old. You’re worse than Archie Butthole with his anti-gun rants. Or are you Archie too?

      • warningfakenews

        Anyone who comes here with the assumption that all cops are good or that all cops are bad, either way- are telling you about their complete lack of morals and judgment. Cops who protect bad cops are no better than the worst of the bad cops. A free society must limit the powers granted to the government, and all too often the thin blue line wants to expand those powers in any way it can. Honor your oath.

      • Fart news

        Too cold for your ANTIFA rallies, fake news guy? I heard they’re still holding them in their safe spaces down south and out in southern commie-fornia. You should join them.

  • Rurbanite

    Interesting comments here. If the guy were not Hispanic, I am sure people would be defending and praising him for exercising his Second Amendment rights as a carrier.

  • Dave

    Almost as good as the Guy in a Texas church having a gun safety class shooting his wife and kid or the hunter who shot a woman thinking she was a deer after dark.All this within a cpl of weeks. Never mind the stuff that doesn’t make the national news on a daily basis. If this happened in Texas all he would get is laughed at and no charges.

  • Gopher Grace

    Seems maybe he has a developmental disorder of some sort. He should be given a break on this. He’ll have to take care of them kids so the wife can work for them.

  • ld

    Concealed carry permits do no over-ride rules on private property. This mall *The Galleria at Crystal Run” has a no firearm policy stated on their website (and it’s his responsibility to know that), He had no business entering armed. Irresponsible at least, but now potential for legal action (besides the criminal attempted manslaughter etc) that could give him not only massive jail time but massive civil suits. Idiot.

    • Joel

      Massive civil suits..?….like this section 8 degenerate will have the means to ever pay anything? Yeah right. Forest City is getting like Carbondale with the trash that’s coming in…

    • Gun free means shoot me

      Yeah, because criminals always abide by gun-free zones. Sorry, not sorry LD – I’ll carry my sidearm whenever and wherever I please and you or anyone else won’t even know it. Massive, right?

      • warningfakenews

        Yeah, somehow I don’t think “policy of the mall” translates into “violation of the law” in every case. I’d venture a guess that unless they trespassed you before, there’s little they can do about that.

    • Gun free means shoot me

      Yup, just ask those people that were at the Cascade Mall in Burlington, WA. Or the Westroads Mall in Omaha. Or the Monroeville Mall here in PA. Or the Westgate Mall in Nairobi. Or…

    • Brain Laundry

      I mean, I guess… Truth be told, it is VERY hard to get a gun permit in NY, so if this guy isn’t in jail? There was a story in the NY Post back in ’07 about the people that would buy firearms illegally just in case they were targeted by crime when it took 45 minutes for them to even get called back from 911. Yeah, it is still that bad. This story is propaganda oriented. Do yourself a favor and look into the facts before being misinformed.

      • OzzyCoop

        Misinformed? What does this have to do with some idiot gun owner not carrying his weapon properly and as a consequence injuring a woman and child? What does this have to do with him fleeing the scene of a crime leaving an injured woman and child? And it didn’t take 45 minutes for police to arrive. If he doesn’t secure his sidearm in public can you imagine what he is like at home. It is a wonder none of kids have been shot yet.

      • Brain Laundry

        If I have to spoon feed you, “Not easy to get gun permit in NY. This guy not in jail.”? I give up and will leave you to your own devices. Give yourself one of those stickers from the middle of the free calendars that insulate the Mystery Machine that you are piloting. Godspeed my special friend.

      • Right to arm bears

        In the UK some people are doing the same thing. They figure the risk of being caught having an ‘illegal’ weapon is worth it if the need to defend themselves arises and they are unprepared. There’s actually a booming business for machinists there to convert starter pistols into firearms for defense. Pretty bad when you turn into a criminal just to preserve the right to protect yourself.

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