Flames at Vacant Home in Schuylkill County

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SHENANDOAH -- Flames broke out at a vacant home in the 100 block of East Lloyd Street in Shenandoah just before 10 p.m. on Thursday.

According to the fire chief, the flames were on the first floor when firefighters from both Shenandoah and Mahanoy City arrived.

The crews were able to knock down the flames in about 40 minutes.

No one was injured in the fire but the fire marshal has been called in to investigate in Schuylkill County.


  • Creamy Joe Paterno

    Lots of excitement for those odd firemen in the area. That kind of arousal must last for last for however long it takes a Street roamer to change their sweatpants.

    • Votechwoodsman

      If anyone needs some Velcro shoes or drawstring sweatpants let me know. They’re slightly worn. Only a few skid marks in the sweats. Smell ripe.

      • OSIRUS

        Votech woodsman you might have a good business idea. The used sweatpants velco shoes market could be a big economic oligarchy in the skook. The Dollar stores might have Velcro shoes in Shenandoah or Pottsville. The two Walmarts in the county might have used Haines sweats. But this is not in stone. The demand is there however from the upper to lower Skook Classes.. But again the upper class in the skook does most of their shopping in the WB or Reading, both gutters. But somehow the skookies brag when they go to these places.

      • Tallbicycleroamer

        I see lots of people beating feet in town but I prefer to ride my Huffy 10-speed. Less wear n tear on my sweatpants and mcgregor sneakers. I’ve been locked up for DUI via bicycle 8 times but I still hit the sweet streets. This is a great place to roam as these people always look the other way. Always presenting on my 10-speed.

      • OSIRUS

        People from the skook think Wilkes Barre is like high class society. The rich of the skook purchase audis just to drive 50 miles to Wilkes barre to show off and be an aristocrat.. That is pretty sad. For example-when a skook resident spots a Ihop, applebees or golden corral in WB it is no doubt worth a Facebook post or check in, it is that exciting for them. Its like being on top of the world.

      • Highschoolsportsfan

        Ever since Damon’s in Hazleton closed the only 5 star restaurant I know to go to is Friendly’s. It’s gourmet burgers and hand packed ice cream cones are to die for. Skook travelers love the ling trip to Hazleton even if a slam-slam is not in the cards

      • wallstreetroamer

        No needed to go to hazleton or WilkesBarre for food. Boyer’s in frackville got a good hot plate section. They got me covered. Dutch Kitchen has some good eats as well, also handsome waiters. One in particular who kind of looks like
        a young Anthony Kiedis from Red Hot chili peppers.

  • Hot Bolognas

    If this is another arson? Here is a simple idea- Check the FB profiles of the local firefighters. Most of them are great people that save lives, but sometimes you will have a mentally disturbed person hiding amongst actual hero’s and they will brag about being the first to do this or that when they caused the calamity. It pains me to point this out, but I’m guessing it is somebody from a surrounding community like The Heights, William Penn, or Mahanoy City that could be on scene to see their handywork and figure they are out of blame’s way. You know who it is. Turn them in before they get you or your friends killed.

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