Small Kettles Helping Salvation Army in East Stroudsburg

EAST STROUDSBURG -- Salvation Army Red Kettles are popping up a little smaller throughout the Poconos this holiday season.

One can be seen at Main Street Jukebox in Stroudsburg.

"Well, it's always good to help out the Salvation Army. I think they do a good thing every year for Christmas. They are outside in the cold ringing that bell all day long so maybe now people will come inside and drop some money off," said Tom LeFevre, Main Street Jukebox.

Donations will help the Salvation Army in East Stroudsburg.

The organization started this campaign with a $13,000 hole due to the closing of K-Mart, a popular spot for bell ringing.

Sixty table top kettles can be found throughout Monroe County. About a dozen new locations were added this year.

"That's what the kettles are all about, trying to be out there where the people are to make it convenient for them to be able to support the Salvation Army as we try to support the community," said Major James Gingrich, East Stroudsburg Salvation Army.

Members of the Salvation Army say the nice thing about having small kettles in small businesses is that once people make their purchase, they can take their change and drop it right in. That little bit goes a long way.

At Pocono Bagels and Deli in East Stroudsburg, you can find another Salvation Army Kettle.  This one is gold. That's because it's one of the highest donation spots.

The deli owner has been participating for years.

"It really helps them out. They do a lot of stuff they give things away, meals away and they help a lot of the homeless. They are good people," said Patty Johnson, Pocono Bagels and Deli.

The Salvation Army in East Stroudsburg hopes to raise $120,000 this Red Kettle campaign season.

Kettles big and small will be displayed through the first week of January.

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