Shawn Christy Captured in Ohio

More Women Speaking Out Here, Too

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY -- The string of firings involving Hollywood stars and top stars in television news is empowering women in our area to come forward, too.

"It gives voice to something that is a societal problem that really wasn't paid attention to before," said Anna Faramelli of the Women's Resource Center in Scranton.

As another victim of sexual assault comes forward, and another high-profile personality gets fired, the whole country is paying close attention, and victims' advocates in Scranton see a turning point.

"This is an opportunity for us to change those societal norms so that survivors of sexual violence and sexual harassment are supported," Faramelli said.

The Women's Resource Center is a confidential safe place for victims of sexual assault. They have several resources, you can either call a hotline or come in for services.

"This is not new. This has been happening for many, many years. People are becoming empowered and feel comfortable talking about it now because they've seen other people talk and share their story and be heard," Faramelli said.

More women sharing their stories means more women are seeking help. Dr. Cynthia Edwards-Hawver is seeing new patients now in their 70s who were sexually assaulted decades ago.

"Unfortunately, people have held these things in for so long, and we live in a day in age where therapy is more acceptable and you can come and talk about stuff like this," the psychologist said.

Seeking help does not just mean medically. Tsunami Self Defense Systems in Taylor is not just a karate or martial arts school. It is a personal protection class, and owner Robert Thomas is seeing more business here, too.

"I'm hearing everything from creepy vibe at the water cooler in the workplace to full-on sexual assaults and rapes," Thomas said.

In class, you will learn what predators are looking for and how to be a hard target.

"Long-term, we want to change the culture. We want to raise better boys and men to reduce these things even happening in the first place. But until that occurs, let's live in reality, women have to be their own first line of defense," Thomas said.


  • not a step

    I have been nutritionally harassed for years. People have offered me food I didn’t not ask for. They have made suggestions about what they would like to eat for lunch and if I would join them. I’ve felt very uncomfortable because I’m on a different diet and find some foods disgusting. Where is the outrage?

  • DinoB325

    Where is the outrage? Where is Madonna and the women in the “V” costumes? Where are the Marches? Gotta love the liberal mentality.

    • warningfakenews

      Oh, there’s a LITTLE outrage over Lauer. Mostly that he didn’t claw into Trump in order to elect the old hag nobody likes who didn’t bother to campaign in the swing states.

      “Why aren’t I fifty points ahead you might ask!!!” – Best clip ever.

      • Givemeabreak

        You goofs do realize Lauer was a morning TV host. He’s a nobody. He isn’t President of the US that was recorded saying he grabs women’s vaginas because he is rich. If he did that Madonna would be up in arms and then you would have elected Lauer President.

      • warningfakenews

        Talk vs. Actions

        And Trump wasn’t POTUS at that time. Lauer WAS in the height of his career. $20 Million a year. If only he could have kept it zippered.

  • warningfakenews

    Sned was inviting people to grope HIM when they see him when he was on WILK the other day.

    I can relate.

  • Think Positive

    This kind of harassment is common for girls and women in the workplace. I’ve been harassed in this way many times at work over the years. So I believe all the stories. Most of us don’t report it because it’s so common and we were taught from when we were young that girls should be nice. We should look nice and talk nice, and smile. It’s true, and if people don’t believe it, then they’re just kidding themselves. Thank goodness this is all changing. Finally.
    It’s too bad it has to be hitting so hard, but it was way overdue. People, in general, need to learn how to treat other people respectfully…in every situation.


    Anybody that played spin the bottle must report to their local police department for further investigation. Ladies your exempt.

  • Donamick

    So I guess in reality, there are no women in particular who are speaking out here?!
    way to put a spin on it 16

  • Natural Selection

    I envision a twisted tale from the twilight zone that began back in 1951, with Djerassi’s discovery. Main streamed in the 60’s and now 50 years later is going to destroy the office tryst forever. Or, just a LBGTF master plan to punish heterosexual men? Either way, good reading!

  • Carl

    attention Men- hide at your workstation and avoid contact with all women- apparently they are all coming out of the woodwork- I grabbed Judy Kanzier’s butt in high school (72) and haven’t heard from her yet although she did slap me silly

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      Just looking at a girl for more than a certain amount of time can be mistaken for harassment in a workplace setting.

      That’s why I stay away from you weirdos. You’re all freaks and can’t be trusted.

    • cheap tightwad

      Everything and anything is sexual harassment, even girl talk so be careful ladies. Opening pandoras box may not end with your intended purpose. While working at the barber shop I mastered the poker face while laughing inside. The girls from the beauty shop next door would make breather phone calls to me. I catch on quick and looked out the door and they were at the pay phone in the parking lot.

  • iron pants!

    Momma always said, Watch the short bald guys who wear professor glasses to make themselves look smart and hip. Their the true creeps. I see a LOT of liberal phonies dressed up that disguise!

  • warningfakenews

    Men, learn now, record with a hidden camera your interactions with women. Get them aggressively talking about their sexuality in the workplace. Save it for future reference.

    • Malcom

      Good idea, all men need to be extremely careful now. Just brushing against a woman in a crowded room and not realizing, she’ll get you for sexual harassment.

  • I know all about you, Steve.

    This is the same guy who ripped O’Reilly (and failed to rip Bill Clinton and other D’s) and now look at him. What a sleaze ball.

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