‘Hater’ Is the Dating App That Matches You with Others Who Hate the Same Things You Do

NEW ORLEANS – Have you heard of the new dating app for people who hate the same things?

Hater offers a different kind of dating experience. The app connects people based on what they hate.

Apparently, people who hate the same things are more compatible than people who love the same things, at least according to the app’s designers.

Brendan Alper, founder and CEO of Hater took his app on ABC’s hit show, Shark Tank.  He ultimately was offered $200,000 from shark Mark Cuban.

This app is available for free in the App store.  It’s been well-received in New York City, where it has many users.

Hater currently has approximately 10,000 active daily users nationwide.



    You Hate me, I Hate you, we are all just one be Hating family, with a great big F**** you to your face.

  • 🤔

    All of these dating apps are stupid. You could be matched with a complete psycho. You’re better off meeting people face to face and getting to know them first before you start dating them. There are some real crazies out there and people now a days don’t care who they hook up with and that is just plain dangerous.

  • Think Positive

    Spreading the hate. Great, just what this world needs, more reasons to hate things. What jerk thought of this loser idea?

  • warningfakenews

    Hating anything or anyone only insures you’ll have more of that which you hate to hate.
    “Whatever you put your attention on, grows in your life.”

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