Shawn Christy Captured in Ohio

Guilty Pleas in Frat Death

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STROUDSBURG -- The final 13 fraternity brothers charged in connection with the hazing death of a pledge pleaded guilty in Monroe County on Wednesday.

Each was sentenced to one year probation, except the national president of Pi Delta Psi, who received two years probation.

Their charges included tampering with evidence and lying to police in the death of Chun Michael Deng during a hazing event at a rental house near Long Pond back in 2013.


  • 🤔

    So they get a slap on the wrist, how lovely…NOT! They are no different than the fraternity at PSU who did the same thing. What is wrong in this world today? Obviously I guess if you get someone drunk enough and they die it’s no big deal but ya shoot some one and kill them you get life in prison or the death penalty. Hello, same thing killing someone is killing someone no matter how it happens! Wake up you fools!!!

      • 🤔

        I agree he did contribute but, the fraternity also didn’t do anything to get him help. They lied and tried to cover things up . They need to stop all fraternities cuz they just keep proving that they aren’t responsible to be in them.( Sororities too)

  • El~Ma

    Oh, my……..serving a sentence of probation will surely teach each of these poor, young men that their choices have consequences, and they’ll never drink irresponsibly, again. Pfffffffffffft!!!!!!!! What a crock of sh*t!!!

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