Forest City Regional Students Spread Holiday Cheer with the Elderly

FOREST CITY -- Students in the Forest City Regional School District spent their morning decorating trees and singing Christmas carols to the elderly.

Some of the senior citizens even belted out their favorite Christmas tune.

The Christmas spirit was alive in Forest City Wednesday morning. Students from the Forest City Regional School District, ranging from kindergarten to sixth grade, decorated Christmas trees and sang Christmas carols to elderly folks at the borough's senior center.

"I love them," Dorothy Badner of Forest City said. "I just think it's marvelous because it's good to see the young ones. It's so good to see them because they're so beautiful. I just think they're amazing, children today."

"This is their community and they should be here and they should be giving back and being active participants," Forest City Superintendent Dr. Jessica Aquilina said.

For one Forest City teacher, he was surprised to hear that his students have such good pipes.

"I had no clue that they were such good singers," fifth-grade teacher Robert Pryal said. "We do the national anthem every day, so I get to hear them every now and then, but the Christmas songs really brings out the Christmas spirit."

As for the children's favorite Christmas tune. There seemed to be a consensus.

"Probably jingle bells," fifth-grade student Laura Nebzydoski said.

"Jingle bells," fifth-grade student Kaitlyn Bean said. "Because I just like it!"

As for some of the elderly folks, their favorite Christmas Carol is "We Wish You a Merry Christmas."

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