Crews Restoring Water Service after Break in Luzerne County

HUNLOCK CREEK -- Folks in Luzerne County are getting water service back to normal after a water main break caused low pressure and brown water for about 6,000 homes and businesses in Nanticoke and the surrounding areas.

Crews were busy repairing a water main break near Hunlock Creek on Wednesday.

A Pennsylvania American Water tanker in the Weis parking lot in Nanticoke was quite the popular spot. We caught up with some people who brought several bottles to fill up.

"Last night already it was dark when we flushed the toilet and then after, we had to melt ice and we used that for our pills last night and that's it."

The 18-inch water main break caused discolored water and low pressure for 6,300 homes and businesses. Most people say the worst of it was Tuesday night, but by Wednesday afternoon, water service was back.

"When I woke up this morning, it was a little discolored and everything, but when I came home from school, it just seemed like it was better, like later on, it just started cooling down, and it's all clear now," said Eric Grodzicki.

Crews say the repairs were difficult to get to because the water main break happened in a remote area on the side of a hill.

Some people we spoke to say their service was fine by Wednesday morning.

"I noticed the pressure was down a little bit. It's actually better now this morning. There was no dirtiness. My neighbor did call me last night to ask me if there was a problem because she noticed her water was a little brown," Michael Sadowski said.

Crews say that they wrapped up temporary repairs around 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, but they're working on a permanent fix.

If you're still having some discolored water at your home, you can fill up at the Weis parking lot in Nanticoke and the Good Will Hose Company in Plymouth.


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