Car Washes Busy on Warm November Day

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- Lines to get a wash and wax kept moving Wednesday at Sparkle Car Wash near Stroudsburg.

Christopher Soares-Gillian from Tobyhanna couldn't pass it up on this unseasonably warm November day.

"Yes, it's why I wanted to get it cleaned now, you know, in case it starts snowing or anything," said Christopher Soares-Gillian, Tobyhanna.

Managers at the car wash tell Newswatch 16 warm weather in typically colder months is always good for business.

Thousands of people will come through this line in just one day.

"I'm getting my car washed because it's beautiful. I need it. It's dirty," said Barbara Walk, East Stroudsburg.

Even though it is warm outside, some people prefer to have their cars washed for them. So they come through the tunnel.

Stacy Moore from Tobyhanna says she isn't surprised to see long lines.

"Yeah, because when the snow gets to these cars, it makes no sense to even come and get it washed because it's always dirty. While I can get it done, for sure, I'm gonna look pretty," said Stacy Moore, Tobyhanna.

"I hate rubbing up against it and getting dirty. You get in the car or try to get in and the little bit of a touch and you're dirty all over your coat. If your car keeps clean, you keep clean," said Walk.

The car wash owner says business will stay steady even through the colder months.

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