Canton Mayor Accused of Hiring Prostitute

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CANTON – It's hard to talk about Canton without mentioning John Vineski. He's been mayor since 2010 and is well-known by many people who live in this part of Bradford County.

"Every time I see him he always gives me a hug.  We kind of joke around and talk a little bit," said Siarra Gordon.

Now, as the mayor gets ready to leave office, he finds himself on the other side of the law. Vineski, 60, was arrested and charged with patronizing a prostitute. Canton police say the mayor solicited a woman on Craig's List in September and paid her $300 for a massage. Police found Vineski with a woman in early November after they were called to his home for a disturbance.

"This is a disgrace for the community. It truly is. It's a disgrace and an embarrassment," said Kevin High.

"The person in question I've known for a very long time. It is what it is. If he did it, he did it." said Eric Schrader.

As well as being mayor, Vineski is also known in Canton as Santa Claus.

"That's how I've known him my entire life," said Gordon.

For more than three decades, Vineski dressed up as Canton's Santa Claus. He was seen in parades and at parties. Police tell Newswatch 16 Vineski was not Canton's Santa this year. Vineski lost his bid for reelection this year and only has about a month left in office. Even so, some people think he should resign.

“Definitely," said High.

"Maybe one mistake shouldn't define a whole person's persona, in my opinion. We all make mistakes. We all do things that are bad, but I think there's bigger problems than that," said Schrader.

There is a Canton borough council meeting on December 12 where the situation will be addressed. Council members cannot fire the mayor since he has not been convicted of a crime. John Vineski is scheduled to appear in court next month.


  • Galin McMahon

    Who cares? As long as the prostitute was an adult. You’re allowed to plop $300 down on a dinner date and expect the big reward. You are allowed to pay another adult for sex…as long as you video it and make the video available for others to see. Who really cares if 2 adults skip the B.S. and exchange money for sex?? That said, I think hookers are gross and never have and never will solicit their disease-ridden bodies. But that doesn’t mean that others shouldn’t be allowed to.

  • seen it all

    Bad Santa , So do you hire local or have to get whores from Williamsport’s drug community ? , This is just too funny and how many times do I have to state – DO NOT bring your prostitutes to your home .

  • Rurbanite

    Better to hire someone than grope, demean, or abuse them, like other people in high places who think they are stars and can do anything.

  • Dirk Diggler

    So what’s the big deal, just because he’s a mayor of a small nowhere town, give me a break. So he was looking for a little action, leave him alone for god’s sake – so what. I think he got ripped off though, 300 bucks for a knobber is a bit steep I’d say.

  • lookback

    What’s the big deal, we the taxpayers pay the salary of prostitutes each and everyday, the prostitutes work at the state capitol and in Washington, when meeting with lobbyists our elected prostitutes bend over and grab their ankles and yell out give me more, more, more!

    • seen it all

      This is a happy ending ? Shame , disease , risk of crime – even murder. ridicule for the rest of his life ? Any woman would be shamed to be seen with him now . So HOW Is this OK behavior in anyone but the lowest of life forms – and what did he do to make her call the cops ( think about it ! ) ??

    • El~Ma

      I personally don’t care what anybody does as long as they own their decisions and behaviors. This isn’t really “news,” per se. It’s more titillating and scandalous. What about the lawmaking news? What about the changes and the sudden renewed influx of gas companies flooding the areas? What about the crumbling infrastructure of this State?

  • Taco Salad

    Who cares?
    I really don’t think people are elected based for their sexual practices.
    Maybe if we loosened up the prostitution laws in this country, there wouldn’t be so many bosses with hands up their employee’s shirts, or pervs hanging out by playgrounds. Maybe we’d have a few less drug problems, because people can find that release before it ever gets to the point of needles.
    That energy builds up. It needs an outlet. Props to this guy for finding an appropriate place to use it.
    Decriminalize, regulate and tax the industry.

  • Tophat and a Cane

    Hey public servants are people too just like the rest of yas. We get sick when the wife puts on the winter weight. Whattayagonnado?

  • warningfakenews

    Well, there’s no shortage of people throwing a stone. People must have changed significantly since those days.

  • Jodie

    Yes John may have done wrong. But to the same respect John would be one of the very few to help you out in a time of need. I dont believe Theres to many people he wouldn’t help. Not everyone is perfect . but then again not everyone gets caught either . everyone in canton also needs to stop and think before they speak I believe he has helped at least everyone out a time or two. He is a good guys just did wrong . tell me people you all posting negative comments have been perfect your whole life. Yea I doubt it..give the man a break he donated so much to canton n towns people its unreal..dont be judgemental . at least he’s not dealing drugs to our children n us. He’s not so bad after all. He got caught doing something very wrong but still it dont make him a rapist. That hooker should be charged as well. All is fair love n war

    • El~Ma

      JODIE, nobody insinuated that he was a “rapist.” Oh, you may have a little trouble with that word, I know, but that doesn’t make you illiterate any more than it makes the former mayor a rapist, now does it?

      If the man’s guilty, he’s guilty. That’s it. But, nobody has any business acting as if this was some isolated incident, and that’s why there should be legalized bordellos. That way, the workers will be safe, clean, protected, and PAID. It’s the oldest profession and I don’t have to “like” it or agree with it, but making it legal and licensed would take some of the nasty out of the equation, protect the workers, as well as the clients.


    Oh this is horrible, this is evil, this is bad!!!! Yea, but YOU did it too. Many of the responses I see her are exactly how Matt would have reacted, LOL.

    • Robert

      She got the day off to go shopping Carl. I don’t think he kept her in the closet? Or, since there was a disturbance maybe she was the one that answered the ad and John reneged on the deal?

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