Tremont Man Recovers as Troopers Search for Attackers

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TREMONT -- A man is recovering after a home invasion and brutal beating in Schuylkill County.

State police say around 3 a.m. Monday morning, two men entered Richard Stewart’s home in Tremont through an unlocked door.

Once inside, investigators say those men beat 73-year-old Stewart with a metal object, seriously injuring his face and eye, then tied him up with duct-tape. Those two men then stole cash, coins, and other objects.

"I was kind of shocked. At first, I thought maybe it was just a rumor, hoping that it wasn't true, but as time went on, found out it actually did take place, which you don't expect with Tremont,” said Bob Donmoyer of Tremont.

Bob Donmoyer and his son run an auto shop near Stewart's home. They call the Vietnam vet a close friend.

"He was kind of in bad shape with his legs because he was in a motorcycle accident a couple years ago, and he was in a nursing home and had been rehabilitated, so he's been slowing down a lot. I can't imagine the pain he must have suffered if they had him in duct tape and all of that,” said Bob Donmoyer.

One woman who lives across the street from Stewart's home says she's afraid.

"I'm sitting in my house with all my doors locked right now,” she said.

State police continue their investigation and friends said they can't imagine who would do this to Stewart.

"They need to be caught. This kind of stuff can't be happening, not to an old fella like that who just tries to help everyone out,” said Ryan Donmoyer of Tremont.

Investigators say it is possible Stewart's attackers knew him in some way. State police continue to search for them.

Stewart remains hospitalized. State police say he has undergone surgery and is recovering.


  • warningfakenews

    “as Troopers Search for Attackers”

    Sitting next to the highway in your patrol car with the radar gun isn’t likely to find THEM.

    • Viewpoint

      We know it’s too much for your feeble mind to comprehend, but there are more people working for PSP than the highway troopers that you so loath and disrespect. Please though, carry on with your anti-police rants. They speak volumes of your character.

      • warningfakenews

        Revenue collectors, most of them. What scares cops more than anything? Filming them in the performance of their duties. You get as many as a dozen cops respond to a guy with a camera. Meanwhile, Google offers street and satellite views aplenty, but no one worries about that.

      • Viewpoint

        Care to share with us any examples of the SWAT teams being called for a man with a camera? You must be a joy to be around with all your paranoia and conspiracies. Revenue collectors you say. So you think it’s OK for people to break the law and not get punished for it? You’re good with people flying past your house 20 or 30 over the speed limit?

      • warningfakenews

        Did I say SWAT? I don’t remember saying SWAT. Want examples? Research PINAC- multiple cities, multiple times.

      • Warning fake news is a fake

        Well then, you won’t mind publishing your real name and address then so aspiring photojournalists can document your every move and put it on display for the public to critique, right? Your hysteria, paranoia, and conspiracies with the police is laughable. You’re a nut case.

    • RJELQ

      Being the generic type the skook is , i would put a bet, A penn state or eagles stained starter jacket, long black socks, Velcro shoes from Walmart, a stained pine grove cardinal knit cap and navy blue jogging pants.

  • Rjelq

    The skook keeps it weird. i wonder if the perps had on the skook signature dog dirt stained Penn state starter jacket on with a high school themed knit hat on.

  • les

    This is why everyone should keep a shotgun at their reach at all times. It’s pretty sad I know, but how else do you combat these degenerates in society from stoving your door down and robbing you? Call 911? NOT.

    • tommygunn

      They love their facebook in the Skook. If you wanna see a thousand youth sports, Structure fire or hunting pictures daily or shares of articles of locals who got arrested. Add some people who live in the skook to Facebook. They love attention and want to feel important. 30 and 40 somethings who never left high school.

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