Rest Stop Closure Confusion

DELAWARE WATER GAP -- Drivers hoping to take a rest at the Pennsylvania Welcome Center in Delaware Water Gap were greeted to big locked gates, and some people we spoke to had no idea why.

"No, I mean we saw people coming and don't realize it. There is no sign that says closed," said Eilleen Burke, Long Island.

The reason is that the welcome center is being renovated and will be closed for the next six months. PennDOT made the announcement earlier this month.

Drivers we spoke to say all the welcome signs on Interstate 80 are still visible to drivers. That's why Jim Hyslip from Massachusetts pulled over.

"Well, I didn't see a whole lot of signs until I just got off the exit anyhow announcing the welcome center, so I was really just coming here. Trying to find 209. I didn't have to stop, but it was here and I thought it was a safe place to pull over and check some emails," said Jim Hyslip, Massachusetts.

PennDOT officials say there are message boards alerting drivers that the welcome center is closed.

Those signs can be found on Interstate 80 east at mile marker 299 near Tannersville and another on Interstate 80 west just after the toll.

Drivers said they didn't see them, but did see the signs indicating it was open.

"Nope, there were no signs. We are very disappointed," said John Burke, Long Island.

The Delaware Water Gap Welcome Center is expected to reopen on Memorial Day.

Until then, it is closed to the public.


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