Gunman Admits to Deadly Shooting, Sentenced to Prison

WILLIAMSPORT -- The man police say is to blame for a deadly shooting at a bar in Williamsport pleaded guilty in court Tuesday.

It's been two years since Derrick Boone shot and killed a man inside the 5th Avenue Tavern in Williamsport.

On Tuesday, Boone pleaded guilty and told the court why he did it.

Two years after shooting three people and killing one of them, Derrick Boone of Williamsport pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and aggravated assault.

According to police, back in April of 2015, Boone and Yusuf Wilson were at the 5th Avenue Tavern when they started arguing over a woman.

Wilson threw a chair at Boone and Boone retaliated by shooting Wilson in the back.

Wilson died and two others were hurt.

After the shooting, Boone took off and was later captured in Ohio.

In court, Boone told the judge, "everything happened so fast."

The father of four shed tears in court while apologizing to the victim's family.

The judge then sentenced Boone to 12 to 30 years in prison.

The 5th Avenue Tavern in Williamsport closed after the shooting and has since been demolished.


  • Bill K.

    So this big dumb gorilla gets to go free in as little as 12 years. While the normal person’s family lost their son. Once again, we see yet another black committing a violent crime. Less than 13% of the population yet they commit over 50% of the crime. That’s per the FBI statistics. Call me racist but the statistics are colorblind. And around here that percentage is a lot higher.


    That’s Williamsport nothing but barrooms to offer and this murderer is no more of a criminal than the drunks running that sh*t show just look at what that TURDBERG has done to Philly and the rest of the Northeast!

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