Exotic Animals Killed and Taken from Private Land

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MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP -- The search is on for whoever shot and killed some rare and exotic animals at a ranch in Wayne County.

The animals' owner says he's had problems with trespassers before but never anything this bad.

Louis Lampitelli says he feels violated after an estimated $18,000 worth of livestock was killed and then taken from his private hunting reserve near Honesdale. This situation has hit him so hard, he says he hasn't been able to sleep at night.

State police are now trying to solve the case of the exotic deer that were killed and taken from Lampitelli's private hunting reserve near Honesdale.

Lampitelli owns Moonshine Ranch in Manchester Township, which offers hunters private preserve hunts and hunts out in the open. The exotic animals that include black buck antelope and red stag were targeted in the private preserve area.

This all comes at a peculiar time as Lampitelli made the call to state police on the first day of rifle deer season.

"Some that were found were shot through the fence and left for dead. The trophy white bucks were pulled over the fence. Now that we're thinking hunting season has started, they're going to pull the ear tags out and try to claim them with a Pennsylvania tag that they took it naturally," Lampitelli said.

And Lampitelli says that his losses are at approximately $18,000. The memory cards to his security cameras were also taken out and deleted. So, there's no existing security footage.

"It's heartbreaking. I can't even sleep at night knowing that somebody would actually go and do something like this, just leaving animals for dead."

Along the trail, Lampitelli found his 12-foot-high fence damaged. He believes this illegal activity has been going on for weeks now. Last week, he found a whitetail deer wounded by an arrow.

"We found about a week ago one of the animals walking around that kind of looked like something was wrong with it. Couldn't stand up, it kept falling down. So we put it out of its misery and brought it back to my house. I had my taxidermist skin it, where we found a broadhead in the side of the animal."

And the reward for information on the person or persons responsible is up to $2,500. If you have any information, you're asked to call state police.


  • David stone

    I’ve sat back and listened to some very uneducated hateful people this what’s wrong with America.first off if u not a vegan ahut up ..visit a slauterhouse …i been on all this man’s land he hunts free range all over world..and one he’ll of a nice guy …the preserve is not a zoo they roam large area ..its set up for people who can’t get around do the sport they like wounded warriors..terminal I’ll children with last wish …and just last week a twice decorated purple heart vet…..who could bearly walk ….as for the data moron who said he’s from the other side river….did ya take a look in the mirror omg …there is no insurance..there is no scam ..just …thives …pochers and hatefu l ..people may God help us all I think most of the commenters need a job and a life ….im very sad that my brothers and sisters have died for this country is so divided and ignorant…so go eat u store bought hormone wormed meat …..your the cowards he employs locals buys there .hay uses there servives and brings people here spend very much needed monies to this area ….get a life and go to school please

  • Nikku girl

    Hunting “wild animals” in a fenced in, protected area is like hunting in a zoo. It should be banned. If you really want to hunt exotic animals, go where they live in the wild. Then we will see if you really have any skills. Please ban this type of hunting. it is animal cruelty.

      • KMF

        Exactly!!!! When you have no idea what you’re talking about, you might just wanna hang on to that opinion cause
        y’all sound ridiculous!!!!!! LMAO!!!! :D

  • Cowards!

    This business is nothing more than collecting big money for people to shoot tame, fenced in animals while they eat over a pile of grain. The local dairy farmers are missing out on some real easy money!

    • David stone

      Have u been there u off the mark completely and if you haven’t been there and see how is run why don’t you just shut up

  • Fails the smell test

    The poachers just happened to locate ALL the hidden, camouflaged cameras that happened to be on them and erased the footage? BULLSH#T. The guy is full of sh#t! Law enforcement, the insurance company, or whoever, needs to investigate this guy’s nonsense!

    • KMF

      Wow!!!! What is wrong with people? Some people work hard to try and make a
      decent living. I find it completely disturbing that there are such arrogant, ignorant,
      sick, twisted, disgusting losers walking this earth. Im not a huge fan of Social Media, however, news travels fast here in Facebook land. Im sure someone knows someone who knows the someone who committed this horrible crime and
      he/she will pay the price!! And when they’re done paying … Im sure they’ll burn in hell!!! And for those of you talking crap, you are obviously clueless … Why would sit around bashing someone you don’t even know. All the negative comments on here are ridiculous!!

      • warningfakenews

        So you attack those who say the story doesn’t make sense. In a world where strange things happen, it’s POSSIBLE this went down this way. It’s not very likely, though. And that observation draws an angry response. Hmmm.

  • lookback

    Darn, now where are all the NY billionaires going to go in order to get a wall trophy by shooting a fenced in animal from a furnished and heated blind? They may have to walk into the woods now and actually hunt like everyone else, oh the inhumanity.

  • Nana

    Sit in Milford the day before deer season and watch the bridge you will soon see the problem. PA Game Commision Caving for the tourism money. This guy sounds to be a real Pennsylvanian( He even has moonshine in the name ) Too much outdoor channel. This sounds like he was losing money and thinks we are all stupid. For the right amount of money Harrisburg will sell PA born infants.

    • SMDH

      I’m thinking the only thing stupid in this story is your comment. So he is losing money and starts killing off his own deer and lose the opportunity for potential revenue from people willing to pay to go to his ranch. How does that make any sense, Nana?? I’m pretty confident you can’t “insure” animals in a hunting preserve. SMDH@you.

  • les

    Not a real hunt at all. Shooting animals in a fenced-in compound is a travesty. That being said, it still doesn’t justify this savage act by the thieves.

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