Burglars Caught on Camera Stealing Food from Italian Restaurant in Scranton

SCRANTON -- The owners of a restaurant in Scranton are asking for your help in catching two people seen on camera stealing food from their walk-in refrigerator.

The burglary reportedly happened Saturday night at Alfredo's Cafe in the city's southside.

Surveillance video taken from outside Alfredo’s Café in south Scranton shows a man and woman raiding the restaurant’s walk-in refrigerator located behind the building.

They can be seen making several trips back and forth carrying bags of food owned by the Italian restaurant on South Washington Avenue.

Manager Donya Jackson says the oddest thing is how well dressed the couple appears, and that they don't look like your average burglars.

“You see how she's dressed? She's wearing high top boots. Her hair is done. She's in a shawl. The guy looks groomed. He's well-dressed. They're very casual. They seem comfortable in how they walk,” said Jackson.

The owner says it happened just before midnight Saturday when workers were closing up the restaurant.

The walk-in refrigerator, which stands alone outside the building, was unlocked at the time.

Diners here say maybe the couple was out for the evening and this was just a crime of opportunity.

“It looks like someone who maybe saw that the door was open, saw that they didn't lock it, and just thought they'd take advantage of the situation,” said Roberta Jadick of Scranton.

“You know, I just think that dishonestly kind of transcends all of that. Some people just feel it's their due in life, which I strongly disagree with,” said Danny Ross from Clarks Summit.

Now, Alfredo's owners have posted a public plea on the restaurant's Facebook page asking for help in catching the pair, who allegedly stole hundreds of dollars worth of food.

As for Jackson, she's got an idea of what motivated the crime.

“Honestly, drunk and privileged, those were my first two thoughts,” said Jackson. “It's horrible, but I don't think there's a deeper story there at all. I just think we should prosecute when we find them because there's nothing wrong with these two people.”

Scranton police say they did take a police report of the thefts.

The manager says the surveillance video will be given to investigators.


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