Teens Charged with Robbing Boy Selling Candy Bars

WILKES-BARRE -- Two teenagers are charged with robbing a boy who was out fundraising.

Police say the two teenagers who stole candy money from that 11-year-old boy only got away with less than $10.

Officers say the boy was selling candy for a fundraiser last week when he was robbed by two teenage boys on Melrose and Old River Road in Wilkes-Barre.

Neighbors say it's sad to hear this happened so close to Thanksgiving and the holiday season.

"At this time of year, at any time of year, it's despicable and it makes our neighborhood not safe. It makes people concerned. We need to stick together and try to improve our neighborhood and protect our children," said Ellen Thoma.

Police say the 11-year-old boy had a box of chocolate bars for sale along with an envelope of cash. The 15-year-old and 17-year-old boys asked for a candy bar and instead, they ran off with the entire box and all the cash that was inside, about $7.

"I'm a retired public school teacher so I'm used to seeing things like this, and it's sad. People need to take care of each other, not hurt each other," Thoma said.

Police say the two juveniles charged in connection with this crime were students at Meyers Junior-Senior High School in Wilkes-Barre. Right now, the teens are locked up on theft and robbery charges.

"I'm glad justice was served. It doesn't make it right, but at least justice was served," Thoma added.

The names of those teenage boys have not been released because they were charged as juveniles.


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