ATM Stolen from Pub

EAST STROUDSBURG -- An ATM was ripped out of a restaurant in the Poconos on Thanksgiving Day.

Employees at Pub 447 in East Stroudsburg say the thief smashed the front door and made off with the machine.

A blue pickup truck can be seen on surveillance video pulling into Pub 447 in East Stroudsburg.

Employees say not long after, a mess was left behind.

"Someone came and busted the glass out of the front door, wrapped a chain around the ATM, and pulled it out of the building," said Ashley Smith, Pub 447.

The theft happened on Thanksgiving morning.

Customers can't believe such a thing happened on a day where people are usually giving thanks for what they have.

"I think it's a shame and especially on Thanksgiving. It's a giving day and luckily they didn't break in and get the rest. It's unfortunate that the people felt they needed it that much to do something like that," said Judy Cantazaro, Delaware Water Gap.

Managers say until further notice all they will be taking is cash or check.

Judy Catanzaro from Delaware Water Gap says she can't believe how many ATMs have been stolen from businesses in just the last year.

"It's unfortunate the way it is and it's scary for the restaurant it really is," said Catanzaro.

"There was a pretty good camera shot of the vehicle, so I am confident they will find the person who did it," said Smith.

Anyone with information on this ATM theft at Pub 447 in East Stroudsburg is asked to contact Stroud Area Regional Police.

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