Woman Dead After Reported Stabbing in Tamaqua

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TAMAQUA — A woman is dead after a reported stabbing in Schuylkill County.

Police were called to Lafayette Street in Tamaqua around 8 p.m. Sunday after receiving a call that a woman had been stabbed.

Shortly after that, the Schuylkill County coroner was called to the scene.

The coroner identified the woman as Diane Bailey, 43. An autopsy will be scheduled to determine her cause of death.

On, Monday police arrested Robert Bailey, her husband, and charged him with murder.


  • Helpless

    Sadly, most of the negative comments are right. That place used to be a good enough place to raise a family that was right on the brink and made most of it’s exports overly successful in relation to their peers outside of the area due to their lack of easy living. It only took the right amount of greed to not have a job that was good enough to even walk to, then compounded by the overly affronting costs to be lost in a wasteland with nothing to do but infight and commit crimes upon each other instead of building a bond to succeed as a whole? Even the vultures hold their noses while flying over a Schuylkill County political assembly. It is now a “cost of living” satellite rather than a place to invest any hope into.

    • KIP

      Skook is more corrupt then the others with even worse leadership. Some get lucky here it seems. But the positive is You can get all you can eat grilled cheese sandwiches in downtown pottsville. They also got awesome parking meters that use a smart app. You can even post on facebook from there or check in for attention.

  • Berrios

    Schuylkill county and surroundings are depressing, row home fires, corruption, strange violent crimes, blight and pedophile roamers along with increasing taxes and 3rd world public services.. is the 19.year old tamaqua mayor abreast of this situation. Smh

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