Hunters Prepare for Rifle Deer Season

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TUNKHANNOCK -- Rifle deer season begins in Pennsylvania on Monday.

Three days after Thanksgiving, many in northeastern and central Pennsylvania are like children on Christmas Eve.

Mike Milanesi traveled to our area from outside Philadelphia to hunt.

"I'm going to hunt Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday," Milanesi said. "I have to work on Thursday. I may shoot back up here for Friday night."

First-time hunters are also gearing up for the start of the season.

"We just moved here from Philadelphia last January, and this is my first hunt," Henry Wessel of Meshoppen said. "For being a city boy, I'm going to give it a try and see what happens."

Newswatch 16 caught up with some hunters stocking up for the big day at Gay's True Value in Tunkhannock. Workers there said they've had a rush of sales for the start of the season.

"Gun sales are good," Gay's employee Dave Miller said. "The ammo's going well. Yeah, we're doing well."

Another place that is busy is J&G Sports Center in Throop.

"It's very brisk selling ammunition," J&G Sports Center owner Joe Grizzanti said. "Mounting scopes, selling rifles, handguns, accessories for hunting."

The business has been open for 41 years. They're usually closed Sundays but made an exception for the eve of deer season.

We spoke to many hunters who said the thing they're looking forward to most is getting out in nature.

"Being a hunter, sitting in a tree stand all day, you see things the average person walking through the woods doesn't really get a chance to see," Milanesi said.

Deer hunting season lasts until December 9.

The Pennsylvania Fish and Game Commission expects more than half a million hunters to take part in the rifle deer season in the coming days.


  • Occasional hunters

    Nothing says menace in the woods like someone buying a rifle, mounting a scope, or getting more ammo days before the season opener. Glad I hunt WAY far away from those guys…

  • common sense

    Already one woman dead in NY out walking her dogs. Shot from 200 yards away by an idiot redneck with blood lust. Three dogs on leashes and this retard thinks she looks like a deer. Let’s see how many drunken, low IQ idiots murder friends, family and perfect strangers this week because they just have to try to satisfy their insatiable need to kill something.

    • More laws!

      Curious-do you have the same passion about babies being slaughtered in the womb, or do you just rant about things selectively?

    • Real Common Sense

      You’re a moron. The lady was the shooters neighbor, and he feels awful. She was walking in a known hunting area, and not wearing orange, which is how a hunter knows to not shoot. her dogs were quiet, and small, not visible. If you think you can clearly see something through the woods at 200 yards and know it’s not a deer, when it’s not wearing orange, you’re a damn liar. We need a season to hunt down idiots like you. Hunters hunt to feed their families. Idiots like you eat processed or falsely organic garbage. Save the world, stop breathing.

  • Ar-15chie

    I seen Archie out with some fat chick putting up some posted signs and three bags of Walmart deer corn yesterday

  • III%

    The mighty hunting flat landers have rolled in all sporting 15” bowie knives new posted signs dot the country side neighbors are at each others throats and the population of NJ has temporarily dropped leaving bimbo housewives to their manicures and pedicures yep it’s deer season

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