Search for Attempted Homicide Suspect in Carbon County

LANSFORD -- There was heavy police presence Friday night at a neighborhood in Carbon County as police searched for an attempted homicide suspect.

Early Friday evening police blocked off the 200 block of West Patterson Street in Lansford searching for Rafael Valdez-Torres.

According to Lansford police's Facebook page, they asked state police for help with a search warrant at a home looking for a Valdez-Torres who is wanted in an attempted homicide that happened last month in Tamaqua.

"We had a belief this person was in the house. We put surveillance on the house and prior to us being able to do that and commencing the operation, it is believed at this point in time, that the subject fled," said Lansford Police Chief Jack Soberick.

The search ended empty handed and the street was reopened just before 9 p.m.




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