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Lycoming Mall Merchants Concerned about Black Friday Turnout

MUNCY TOWNSHIP -- Shoppers on Friday at the Lycoming Mall carried bulging bags of clothes, appliances, and whatever else they could find. Store employees say the mall is busier than it's been in a long time.

In fact, Jessica Lukowsky of Maurices clothing store tells Newswatch 16 she is thrilled because she was nervous about the Black Friday turnout.

"Absolutely. Absolutely. But you look in the mall and we are jam-packed."

Nervous that this year's sales would not match up to years past. That's because, over the last year, two anchor stores left the Lycoming Mall -- Macy's in March and JC Penney in July.

Sears is leaving in January to make three anchor stores gone.

"I think it hurts because a lot of people like to go in the bigger stores. There's so much more of a selection," said Deb Hemsarth.

Deb Hemsarth and Nancy Keszkowski came from Millville.

"It's not really that crowded I don't think," Hemsarth said

"I don't think it's as nuts, but then it might have been earlier. But then there's so many online sales that a lot of people aren't in the stores like they used to be," Keszkowski said.

Another obstacle malls face and not just this one, is online shopping. But these ladies still see a need for actual stores.

"A lot of things you need to try on, clothes-wise and you can't do that online," Keszkowski said.

Others say it's a tradition to shop at the Lycoming Mall on Black Friday and they'll come no matter what shops are here.

"We just always come here. It's our normal stores to go. Our grandkids like the stores here," Mary Heddings said.

Employees here hope that despite the lack of anchor stores, people continue to shop Lycoming Mall this holiday season.


  • Athens

    No anchors and Sears didn’t even have black Friday sales because they see closing. The mall won’t be my stop with online shopping being so easy.

  • warningfakenews

    Many malls across the US are dying. So much shopping has moved online. They had a good run, and they also took the blame for killing off downtown shopping. It’s their turn, for the most part.

    • tinytom

      I lived in various American metros and the malls and downtowns in some of those metros are booming. You must live in a dump and using the bS nepa philosophy that the entire country is like Pottsville, Frackville, Hazleton, Williamsport and Wilkes Barre. move a few times out of nepa and you will see.

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