Crowds Enjoy Christmas Parade in Berwick

BERWICK -- People lined the streets in Berwick Friday for the annual Christmas parade.

Ashley Allen and her family came dressed and ready in the holiday spirit for the Christmas parade in Berwick. she says it gets more and more popular every year.

"I mean as you look around, you see more and more people coming out for things like this, supporting small-town Berwick."

But there was pretty much only one person on the kids' minds.


And to welcome old Saint Nick into town, the Berwick High School band put on quite the show.

The parade even drew in out of towners like Hunter Traugh from Cincinnati, Ohio who was visiting family.

"It's great, great community engagement."

this parade is about a lot more than the big guy in the red suit. It's also about community pride for Berwick.

"A lot of people don't realize all the good that the town has to offer and this is one of those good things that the town has to offer," Allen said.

People say this parade reminds them every year about what makes Berwick so special.

"It's good for every town. Every town ought to have a parade," Carl Smith said.

And as Santa pulled in on his sleigh, everyone in the crowd was smiling.