Community Comes Together to Make Bloomsburg Christmas Parade Happen

BLOOMSBURG - The Christmas joy was palpable as a record number of floats lined up in anticipation of the Light Up the Night Parade in Bloomsburg.

All of these good vibes were close to never happening though. WHLM, the parade's main sponsor originally canceled the parade just weeks before it was scheduled to take place. The community then stepped in and organized it.

"We were 29 days away from the parade not happening and the community all came together and asked me to help," Larry Hopper, one of the organizers said.

"Here we are tonight with what's going to be the highest number of entries in the parade that we've ever had."

"If you knew our community you'd know that we'd pull it together," Liz Masich of Bloomsburg said. "Our community leaders, our community members, the companies that thrive in our community. We were going to have this parade."

The community takes special pride in its parade because it kicks off the Christmas season in Bloomsburg.

"There's so many people that look forward to it," Dawn Hummel said before the parade began. "You just can't imagine how much this means to the community."

"This is a tradition in Bloomsburg, bringing Santa in with the lights," Dot Rhome of Bloomsburg said. "We all wanted to be apart of it and I think that shows the strength of our community that we can join together."

Tor the kids at the parade, this only means that Santa is coming in a few weeks. What do you the kids want from Santa this year?

"An iPhone X!" Brady Horen of Bloomsburg said.

"I want clothes," Anna Collett of Bloomsburg said.

Some of the other youngsters are looking forward to Christmas as well.

"Because you get toys," Gabriel Fernandez said.

"When my family comes to my house and we get to open our presents," Allison Votow of Bloomsburg said.

"I love Christmas," Chad Tomlinson said. "Christmas is the best time of the year," he added.

Bloomsburg certainly seemed to ring in Christmas in style.



  • warningfakenews

    Ah, yes, NW16’s account here is exactly as this happened. NOT. What this really was about was to try and neuter or eliminate a voice which didn’t fall into lockstep with the liberals in the town. So much for tolerance and diversity.

    • GodBeforePolitics

      It’s sad that what’s supposed to be a joyful celebration of a very special holiday, has to carry undertones of political tension this year. “Coming together” sometimes means putting your own wants aside so that others might be better served. I don’t think children enjoyed the Light Up the Night parade based on who was funding it. I think the community would best be served by its members not using a Christmas celebration as a cheap tool for ideology on any side.
      It was a beautiful and fun event. Hopefully next year it can happen again with a bigger focus on the joy of the season.

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