Woman Shot in the Head By Husband in Schuylkill County Declared Legally Dead

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UNION TOWNSHIP -- The Montour County Coroner has confirmed Diane Brobst brain dead as of 6 p.m. on Wednesday night following her husband shooting her in the back of the head.

According to police, Steven Brobst, 62,  walked into the Shenandoah Game and Fish Club outside of Ringtown around 8 p.m. Tuesday night and shot his wife as she was sitting at the bar.

According to the coroner, Diane Brobst is declared legally dead but still hooked up to life support.

Steven Brobst now faces updated charges including criminal homicide and first-degree murder.

He is locked up without bail in Schuylkill County.


  • Live and die

    Hmm she should’ve stayed home and got thanksgiving dinner ready ! MAN was hungry and unfortunately she was thirsty!

  • Terry

    Why does schuylkill county have so many of those horny street roamers walking the streets looking for touches and slam-slams?

  • neverland

    Sorry for the loss in this story. Doesn’t it seem odd to the rest of you out there about the concentration of negative Schuylkill County related stories lately though? We have a lot of the same stories in every county anymore. Is there a property boom on the horizon for that place? This media storm usually happens the same way every time, look at the creation of Manhattan. Could you imagine people wanting to pay big money to live in Schuylkill County? As it stands, it looks very expensive for a lot of nothing to do. What is moving in?

    • Berrios

      This is the worst area for its population size in the United States. Between the blight , coal banks and mountain laurels is something strange.Some college grads stay but most become teachers, county workers if politically connected or work in nearby prisons or jails. This only contributes to higher taxes and a lower quality of life, high paid government work kills the tax base in a area of this nature. . It is a sociological mystery.

      • Ooga Booga

        I thought you were an idiot in previous comments, but that is the truth right there. Cheers. Would you like to go for a ride on my three wheeled bicycle?? No? I don’t care. Get in the basket bitch, we got some taxes to collect. It’s Bingo night at the Damato and kielbasa is the grand prize. How about the people in that area doing the politics that destroy their struggling neighbors. It is outlandish and reflected in the statistics here of how well the uppity mindset works. You can’t make mansions out of stink finger games. Some people think they do for a moment or two.

      • Joe Crea

        yes, unfortunately it’s true. But it’s also true of the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area too. Look at how dumpy Pittston and Nanticoke are.

  • Dems Win

    That’s interesting considering in the state of Pennsylvania a coroner doesn’t have the ability to make that distinction, only a neurologist (or other physician) can.

    • Quit being so sanctimonious you twerp...

      Schuylkill County Coroner David J. Moylan, M.D., Guess he is qualified… NEXT

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