Thanksgiving Dinner Brings Together a Community in Northumberland County

SUNBURY -- Hundreds of folks showed up to a free holiday feast at Zion Lutheran Church in Sunbury on Thursday.

Rhonda Fisher has served the meal for 18 years at Special Occasions. However, the owners of Special Occasions closed up shop over the summer.

She decided she wasn't going to let that stop her.

"I thought maybe that was going to be it. That was the end of the Thanksgiving meals and I pulled up my big girl pants up and I said no it's not the end," said Rhonda Fisher, organizer.

"Everybody is still the same. We may not see each other for a full year but we get back together and we're a family. We just move on and keep doing what we need to do to help others," said Cory Hoffman of Winfield.

Each year dinner is served until all the food runs out at the holiday meal in Northumberland County.

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  • KIP

    id take a thanksgiving dinner in sunbury that is free anytime. This is much better than paying 10 bucks plus for all you can eat grilled cheese in downtown pottsville any-day.

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