Shenandoah Uses Amazon Smile to Bring in Donations

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SHENANDOAH -- Downtown Shenandoah, Inc. is using Amazon Smile to bring in donations to revitalize its downtown.

Amazon smile works just like it would normally, except, when you log on to to make a purchase, 05% of it will go a charitable organization of your choice. To donate to downtown Shenandoah, you'd select them when you are checking out.

Downtown Shenandoah does want you to shop local for your Christmas gifts but they said Amazon Smile is a good fundraiser because it's free for both their organization and the customer.

"Once people start buying and they select your organization, then you receive the money," Downtown Shenandoah, Inc. Executive Director Mary Luscavage said. "The money is automatically deposited."

Downtown Shenandoah's goal is to bring the area back to its former glory.

"It was always a great place to live, and we just want to bring it back to what it was," Andrea Pytak of Lost Creek said.

Right now, they're working with Penn State to build an innovation center. It'll be a place where entrepreneurs can get the support they need.

"It's basically to help our young people to stay in the area," Luscavage said. "If they want to start a business they can come and start their business in there."

It's that project and others that Downtown Shenandoah hopes Amazon Smile will help fund to help bring the community back to where it was once.

To get to Amazon Smile, click here.


  • Shendo Splinters

    Are you ABSOLUTELY sure that tourism is not the answer? I’ll donate to a Ripley’s Believe it or Not, some sort of dilapidated Boardwalk, or a Molly Maguires reenactment on ice down at one of their stripping pits. Maybe even an Arson Museum. I think Eckley might have more going for it but don’t count Shenandoah out just yet, they’ve had a lot of ‘firsts’.

  • berrios

    This place is a dump. Sociologically deep rooted problems. When they consumer base isnt there, Good luck starting small businesses in a dumpy downtown district. The only thing that will work here is a dollar store or something of the mexican variety..

  • warningfakenews

    I’m trying hard to think of another town’s business district thinking it was best to ask for charitable contributions to keep it going. Especially contribution provided through their competition.

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