Serving Thanksgiving Meals in Archbald

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ARCHBALD -- On Thanksgiving morning, Barrett's Pub in Archbald was open, but the scene inside was a bit different than on a normal Thursday.

There was turkey and stuffing and everything you need for the perfect holiday feast. The people assembling the food weren't fixing plates for themselves, though.

It was the Eynon Archbald Lions Club preparing and delivering meals for people in need.

"This year has been really unbelievably fantastic because the amount of calls that we've received and then also we've extended ourselves by making calls to people who have received in the past. We went up about 35% more dinners," said Rapoch of the Lions Club.

It was the most dinners the Lions Club has ever served on Thanksgiving Day. Volunteers hand-delivered more than 180 meals to people of Archbald and surrounding areas.

"Climb out of your cars and you're going up to the door. It's so humbling and rewarding," Rapoch said.

"I can't even explain it really, it's exciting," Fran Stepkovtich of the Lions Club added.

While volunteers say it would not be Thanksgiving without doing this, the people who accept the meals think it is just as special.

"I'm a steady customer because I live alone here. I'm used to eating stuff out of the cans and stuff like that. To have something like this is much appreciated. It's nice and hot and tender," George Misko of Archbald said.

Members of the Eynon Archbald Lions Club tell Newswatch 16 this would be nothing without the volunteers, and they hope to serve even more dinners next year.

"For them to witness that they have plenty on their table tonight. This morning when we're delivering it we're giving it to those who don't have," Rapoch said.

About 188 delivered meals later, volunteers were ready to relax and to have some turkey for themselves.

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