Power to Save: Laundry Room of Milton

MILTON -- A laundromat in Northumberland County is not only saving people a few bucks with free wash cycles, it's also saving on water and energy.

The equipment at the Laundry Room of Milton is state of the art.

The owners tell WNEP their washer's use about 30 gallons less water compared to regular washers.

The dryers are also programmed to dry quicker and run on natural gas.

Newswatch 16 spoke to one woman, who is all about saving dry time, especially on the holiday.

"Just to get me home quicker so I can get to Thanksgiving dinner. I left my husband at home cooking so he'll be happy when I can get back home and cook," said Tiffany Diehl, Milton.

The Laundry Room of Milton is offering free wash cycle Thanksgiving day and Black Friday in Northumberland County.


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