State Supreme Court Rules Truck Illegally Seized in Deadly Hit and Run

WILKES-BARRE -- Pennsylvania's Supreme Court handed a victory on Wednesday to a defendant in a deadly hit and run.

The court ruled police in Wilkes-Barre should not have seized Daniel Loughnane's truck without a warrant.

Prosecutors believe Loughnane hit and killed a woman on Hazle Street in Wilkes-Barre on July 24, 2012.

The victim, Rebecca McCallick, 19, was standing in the road outside of her apartment when she was hit.

There's no word if or when Loughnane might go on trial in Luzerne County. He is out of jail on bail.


  • buzzed driver

    I think this story shows how rich killers can be walking the streets with their parents money for lawyers and that the pond scum who did this has no shame. Of course I have never heard of a vehicle siezed without a warrant ( how do you take without authority ? ) So obviously Hit and run with fatality isn’t a crime here (in pa ) . They can not block fact truck was in wreck .

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