Man Charged with Raping 12-Year-Old Girl in Lycoming County

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Police say a man raped a twelve-year-old girl in Lycoming County.

Charles Jenkins, 46, admitted that he had sex with the child several times over the last few months.

Investigators say he told the girl he would pay her to keep her quiet.

Jenkins is locked up in Lycoming County.


  • Robert

    Your obviously damaged goods Bill. Were talking about a pedophile. Your desire to turn this into a racial issue is disgusting. Possibly just as disgusting as the accused. Maybe even more so. Your broad brush betrays your ignorance. Unfortunately ignorance is not a crime, so your free to go. For now!

  • Robert

    Nothing to do with black or white in my book. You hurt children…you die! The only negotiation for me, is the level of pain. My preference is very painful. But as long as the goal is achieved, fast is acceptable.

  • Huggy

    Good cell mate for that Denny Barker guy that roamed Mount Carmel until he got caught following a 9 year old into her house while her parents were home. WNEP Viewing area is LOADED with curious/confused/frustrated sex criminals. Real pervy area. Pedovania

  • Fake news guy sucks

    C’mon fake news guy – let’s hear your conspiracy theory about how the cops targeted this black man because of his race. Oh, he admitted to it? Has to be fabricated. Cops can’t be trusted, right fake news guy. Please, launch into one of your diatribes explaining how they work for us, but they’re corrupt to the core.

    • warningfakenews

      Sorry to let you down, but the cops do hard work most of us won’t do, and good cops who respect and honor the constitution should be rewarded. All that being said, we need to take measures to eliminate bad ones from serving in that capacity. I am hopeful that the cops were respectful of the man’s rights, and did what they did in accordance to the law. If not, they have weakened- not strengthened- society’s case against this person.

      • Fake news guy sucks

        Leave it to the fake news guy to stick a knife in the backs of our men and women in blue while simultaneously patting them on the back and preaching his warped Constitutional rubbish. Give it a rest already.

      • TrumpTrainOne

        Fake News. why don’t you go hang yourself off the Market Street Bridge. Let me know when so I can be there to watch.

      • Details people, details

        OK – question time. Which fake news guy, and which Market Street Bridge? Half the towns in North America have a Market Street bridge.


    sick world! The williamsport area is starting to scare me as much as the skook and hazleton and thats terrible.

  • miriam logue

    this happened in Muncy not williamsport!!!Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
    Charles Walker Jenkins
    Page 1 of 2
    Judge Assigned: Jon Edward Kemp Issue Date: 11/21/2017
    Complaint/Incident #: MUN20171033 Disposition:
    Arresting Agency: Muncy Boro Police Dept Arrest Date: 11/21/2017
    OTN: T 935347-0 File Date: 11/21/2017
    Township: Muncy Borough Case Status: Active
    Lycoming D

    • Lori

      It doesn’t say it happened I Williamsport it says Lycoming County. It only refers to Williamsport because that’s where the courthouse/jail is.

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