Busy Day for Booze

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LEWISBURG -- For a Wednesday morning, the Fine Wine and Good Spirits Store in Lewisburg was busier than usual. That's because it's all about holiday cheer.

"I'm doing a little shopping for tomorrow. I'm buying a bottle of champagne," Karen Payne said.

A lot of other people had the same idea. According to a representative from PA Wine and Spirits, Thanksgiving Eve is one of the three busiest days of the year statewide.

"It's crazy. Even in little old Lewisburg, it's insane," Paula Murphy said.

Some of these last-minute shoppers said they forgot about the booze, and it's their last thing to pick up.

"I could have planned ahead," Amy Smalt said.

Amy Smalt of Lewisburg was out of town and this was her only chance to stop.

"Just picking up some wine to go with dinner. Some different kinds for everyone's tastes," Smalt said.

These customers tell Newswatch 16 they are not last-minute shoppers. They came early in the day to beat the evening rush.

"Later tonight is going to be insane. The people will be outside waiting to get in," Michael Murphy said.

It's not just liquor stores that are busy. Beer distributors also enjoy the extra business during the holiday season.

"Evidently we need a lot of beer to baste chicken and turkey," Bud Vansickle said.

Bud Vansickle manages The Beer Barn on Route 15 in Lewisburg. He is thankful for extra business around Thanksgiving.

"We have usually a very good day on the day before Thanksgiving because people are getting ready for family get-togethers and friends," Vansickle said.

After this, the businesses can look forward to the next busy days, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.


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