UPDATE: Suspect Identified in Shooting at Shenandoah Fish & Game Protective Association

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UNION TOWNSHIP -- A shooting ended with a woman in the hospital and a man locked up in Schuylkill County.

According to troopers, Steven Brobst, 62, from Sugarloaf shot a 51-year-old woman in the head Tuesday night at Shenandoah Fish & Game Protective Association club on Ferndale Road near Ringtown.

A witness said a man walked into the bar put a gun to the back of the woman’s head and pulled the trigger. Two men wrestled him to the ground and got the gun out of his hand.

The victim was flown to the hospital. Authorities haven't said how she's doing.

State police haven't released that victim's name here in Schuylkill County.


  • Becky Kite

    Listen, I personally know the family for many years. They are from Weston Pa. Steve has always been a physco and was husband of Diane. Diane is his wife who he himself shoot. She has been trying to stay away from him for quit some time now however he found her that night I suppose. Diane was a ray of sunshine, always smiling and laughing. Over the years Steve couldnt deal with her habbit of wanting to have fun and the fact that she was an outgoing person. He never let her have any freedom and she deserved it because she was nothing but loyal to him. Shey had just gotten her own apartment to stay away from Steve and then this had occured while she was out. She was a loving and caring mother and not only that but grandmother. Steve and Diane have a son named Corey and if anyone is concerned they should reach out to him. He is a single father and was his mother best friend. Please do not sit here and make jokes about such, this isnt a funny situation that had occured. If anyone wants to contact me or has any questions Via Facebook Me @ Becky Lee.

    • finger

      Condolences to the family and friends that have to deal with this situation on a personal level while idiots make jokes in the form of anonymous comments. I would not want to go through any of that myself. There is no need spend time on these characters that slurp around in the murky bottoms of the drama pools while feeding off of their own feces for sustenance. They ridicule from a false sense of superiority when it is usually the opposite. Hope things turn around.

      • Mary kantner schlauch dineley

        Diane was a loving person, a great wife and mom, and a grandma..she did NOT DESERVE this. May GOD punish her killer…to the realms of Hell…

  • Huggy

    The sexual curiosity amongst these people perhaps turns to frustration. Maybe this guy was involved with a boy and she found out. Maybe she continued her affair with the basketball coach that he thought ended in 2002. Who knows, maybe she was rooting for the wrong tight butt last Friday Night at the football game. The possibilities sure are endless when you pop pills, dig youth sports, talk big doings at borough council, and pass street roamers everyday. God bless. Hang in there Schuylkill County.

    FYI, Kowelanick’s has a special on some good colon cloggers!

    • vern schillinger

      Weird place. I stay away from the skook at all costs. Those windmills scare me along with the street roamers.

  • tubesockfan

    Shenandoah is an upstanding place. No other place in the county can you see row home fires daily, listen to dokken on the back porch on am radio, hear fire whistles and drink warm beast ice at the same time.

  • Kip

    Maybe the dude was mad they didn’t have all you can eat grilled cheese sandwiches. For those, You got to go to downtown pottsville till next summer, that’s when for free lunch in Shenandoah begins. .

  • warningfakenews

    Sounds like a domestic dispute sort of thing. Wouldn’t it just be better and easier to say, “Bye, I’m out of here”?

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