Rare albino deer accidentally shot by hunter

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PEPIN COUNTY, Wisc. — A rare albino deer was accidentally shot and killed over the weekend in Pepin County, according to WTMJ.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources said the hunter saw a brown head and mistakenly shot at the deer. The hunter then quickly reported the incident to the DNR.

A local conservation club now wants to use it as a learning tool for area hunters. The deer will be donated to the Mondovi Conservation Club where it will be used to teach hunter safety.

The meat was brought to Gunderson Foods where it was processed.

“What we appreciate it was the fact that as a sports person he stepped up to do the right thing, he turned himself in, he wanted to make every effort to do the right thing under the circumstances, and we are very proud of those people who find themselves in a situation where they are misinformed or make a mistake,” said Richard Rosen, a conservation warden with the DNR.

The DNR said the hunter was given a warning at the time the buck was confiscated.


  • Venison is ORGANIC!

    Why would Wisconsin make shooting a genetically inferior animal illegal? This makes no sense. Also, it wasn’t an albino. True albino animals have NO color anywhere so if there is any brown it’s not albino. Also, albino animals have pink eyes. But that’s not the point here. I’m hoping to harvest a couple deer in the next weeks to provide healthy, organic meat to my family and here we have a ridiculous story from CNN that stirs people up about “Bambi” being shot. Get a life, people!


    I love animals and I don’t believe in people killing wild animals for “show and tell” it’s disgusting.
    This really made me want to cry. :(

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