Business Booms For Vegan Café This Thanksgiving

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SCRANTON -- "We basically take the traditional Thanksgiving meal and veganize it, so a lot of the things are traditional!”

Things were busy at eden-a vegan cafe in downtown Scranton.

Owner Christian Pilosi has been cooking up a storm for days now. He is prepping nearly 50 vegan Thanksgiving feasts for his customers.

"Instead of the turkey we do a tofurkey roast, so it's one of the major companies, been around a really long time. It's made out of wheat gluten and tofu. It's seasoned and spiced to be just like turkey. It has stuffing inside it!” said Pilosi.

Vegans do not eat animal products, so a holiday centered around turkey can be difficult. Pilosi and his staff say in the seven years they've been prepping and selling vegan Thanksgiving food, demand has skyrocketed. This year, he is making 45 preordered meals.

Experts say there are about 16 million Americans who are vegan or vegetarian, and they like having options like this.

"For people who don't eat meat to have another option is good,” said Fred Tilghman of Philadelphia.

"We eat vegan from time to time, so I think more and more people are trying to have another alternative,” said Michael Menta of Westchester.

“Personally, it's a great option. I know my mom took a while to come around to like preparing meals separately, and in the past, I’ve brought a bunch of different sides and stuff. It is really hard,” said Siobhan Hoye of Binghamton.

Pilosi's customers come from near and far. One of his vegan feasts has already been picked up and is on its way to Minnesota.

Some buy the whole vegan feast from tofurkey to vegan gravy to dessert. Others just buy sides.

"It's been great. There's a great call for it, a lot of work for about 48 hours, but we love it!" Pilosi said.


  • beaverpie

    LOL ya gotta love these cup cake places these people probably eat more meat then the average person, it’s called tube steak. Just what it be look it up!

    • T

      Oh my gosh! have absolutely no…..clue…..there are compassionate people out there ……educate yourself….

  • T

    And….everyone that has a problem with this vegan meal…look at the other story on this website showing horrific conditions of these innocent creatures…just horrible…

  • warningfakenews

    BTW, I admire the work of a group called SHARK. (Showing animals respect and kindness) They have some excellent videos of their work on You Tube, and I support their first amendment freedoms to do their work unmolested, and to state their case.

  • warningfakenews

    All of which is not to say that I disagree with someone going to a vegan restaurant and enjoying a meal, or running a restaurant. It’s America, but when people do their virtue-signaling and try and shame the rest of us for eating meat, well- I can logically defend it. Well thought out logic is a liberal’s biggest enemy.

    And I did say that it takes a lot of work to be a vegan and I do admire people who put a lot of work in what they do.

    • get real

      There isn’t a single word “virtue-signaling” or “shaming” anybody here. You right-wing, so-called “personal freedom” screamers are anything but. C’mon, go for broke. Please tell us how eating tofurkey makes you antifa….

      • warningfakenews

        You know, I could make much of that argument, but I really don’t think that monopolizing the board here serves either of us well. I’d much rather see those who disagree with me on the points I already made do so.

  • warningfakenews

    It’s funny to see how contorted people have to be in order to rail against processed food and then in the same breath, extol the virtues of how highly processed vegetable matter may resemble meat.

    The funny thing is, you may be able to get it to LOOK like meat, but only a fool would think it tastes like it, or has the high quality proteins of it.

    I will admit, it takes a lot of work to be a committed vegan. They won’t eat white cane sugar, skittles, marshmallows, cheese, yogurt, etc. If they REALLY won’t allow themselves to consume any animal at all, they won’t eat anything. Virtually all vegetation has tiny, microscopic animals living on or in it. All commercially processed food has some animal DNA in it.

    • T

      I question your information…but if true….microscopic “animal dna” vs. artificially bred animals, who mostly live horrible lives…often in filth, then killed vs plants…..??? And..many , many vegans eat whole foods…the suffering of these and other factory farmed animals is so very horrific. please…no comparison.

      • warningfakenews

        I welcome your questioning. Skittles- Confectioner’s glaze, look up what that is. White cane sugar is bleached white with charred bones, Marshmallows contain gelatin. Cheese and yogurt, self explanatory.

        Cooking the vegetables kills the microscopic animals in what you might call an “inhuman” way, certainly eating them alive isn’t a treat for them either. True they don’t have feathers or fur, but tractors run over things that do while planting and harvesting vegetables and you could go and take pictures of a poor baby animal afflicted in that way and name it and raise it back to health- but there’s no money in that because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

      • T

        Replyin to Warning fake news” of a vegan I know of all of the items that are purely vegan..all and more that you have mentioned….ive been vegan almost 10 yrs…I check supplements for gelatin, and use vegan sugars, marshmallows even my coffee filters…..etc. but, it is good that you bring this point up for those aspiring to become vegan….also replying to protein deficiencies, I have no protein or B12 deficiencies after 10 yrs… is hard to compare the small number of animals that are unintentionally harmed during farming of fruits and vegetables…and that is heartbreaking…but this cannot be compared to animals intentionally bred for meat and dairy…millions of times, over then killed…usually years before their natural lifespan…and this.

      • warningfakenews

        I respect your opinions and your willingness to share them. I really do admire all the time consuming work that it takes to be a conscious and practicing vegan. I think you get my point, that judging others based on we’ve chosen to do for ourselves is not a wise way to live. I celebrate your rights, and your ability to use them to try and change laws through persuasion, organizing and protesting, and using legal means to expose corruption.
        I don’t hold the same opinions as you do on animal farms, I think for the most part- they do what they can to be humane, but there’ll always be sick and injured animals in such large populations. Animals, in general, aren’t respectful of other animals and their “rights”, not nearly as respectful as we are of theirs. Thanks for your thoughtful answer.

      • warningfakenews

        T, I should also share my viewpoint that we are Spiritual beings and that the physical world is something set up for us to play out our roles and actions in. As physics has shown, the things we believe make up the world don’t come into physical form without the direct participation of a conscious entity.
        Animals are inarguably conscious entities as well, which is why I really do respect your point of view. My own view of life holds that the Spiritual being in all of us, animals and humans alike- cannot be harmed through physical actions.
        I have deep respect for the obligation you feel in this- and I’m hopeful and not entirely certain about my own conclusions- which aren’t yet set in stone. I trust that this makes some sense.

  • T

    Um…of any of you eat bread? Use soybean oil….many products have soy in them….and you are comparing this to a parts of an animal that wanted to live…sad really. I expected no less in these sad comments…

      • DinoB325

        Um, I am not on here promoting a diet that has to overcome hundreds of years of evolution. I chose to avoid gluten. Try to educate yourself on gluten instead of being your typical liberal and telling us we need to eat. BTW, go in to his restaurant wearing a Trump shirt and see how welcome Christian makes you feel.

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