Two New Restaurants Open Within One Year by Same Owner in Downtown Pottsville

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POTTSVILLE -- Pottsville's downtown is getting a boost of new life.

There's a community effort to revitalize the city that's connecting business owners, city officials, and residents.

It's dinnertime at Wheel Restaurant on West Market Street in Pottsville, and it's busy for a Monday night. That's great news for the restaurant's owner, who opened this build-your-own grilled cheese eatery just over a year ago. He says he sees a lot of potential here in the city.

“I see a lot of opportunity in downtown Pottsville. It's my hometown, born and raised here. Came back after I graduated from college and I've been working the restaurant industry for a significant amount of time,” said owner Savas Logothetides.

Logothetides says he sees so much potential in Pottsville's downtown he opened a second restaurant, The Crimson House, around the corner on Centre Street, just last month.

“And then I said, 'What's the next project?' and a tapas restaurant, or small plate restaurant or inspired restaurant, they're very popular right now,” said Logothetides.

Logothetides is the vice president of the Pottsville Business Association which has 160 members.

City officials credit Logothetides with breathing new energy in the downtown.

“What Savas has done with the two businesses open in town and a leader of PBA, he's a part of the partnership that we want with business people,” said Pottsville Mayor James Muldowney.

“It's very important. Savas is extremely invested in our community. We're very excited about moving forward with this,” said Pottsville Council Member Dottie Botto.

And folks dining out at Wheel agree.

“When I come home from school this is where I come,” said Will Rich. “It helps revitalize what's going on in this town. It needed it really badly.”

And Wheel's owner says he's just gearing up and has more projects planned for Pottsville's downtown.


  • KIP

    Grilled cheese a real big skook food. Especially at the free lunches in Shenandoah. This has to be the strangest place in the US if a restaurant makes money from grilled cheese sandwiches. Maybe the rich aristocrats from Pottsville on the county payroll have changed from Coney island burgers to a more vegetarian dish.

    • Slick Willy

      Dumb Pottsville skooks, perhaps the dumbest of them all, think making just around six figures is something people are impressed with. Only the low lifes roaming the streets and sleeping in mom’s house think that’s rich. “Payday is today hun! Ima take you for a grilled cheese”. HahahAaha Orwigsburg has a nice restaurant though…oh wait, no they don’t!! Jeez it’s sad there

  • You can’t make this stuff up

    Build your own grilled cheese hahahahaha that is like going out to eat for a PBJ or a bowl of cereal! But that is Schuylkill County’s speed. Skooks don’t know what tapas are. Just serve them whatever expired at the nearest pharmacy, that’s what those people like.

  • Wayne S

    I like fine dining in one of the worst areas of the united states. Can i have a martini on the rocks and caviar while talking about the court house corruption, failed high school football program and overlooking the area blight.

  • Karen

    Ooohh! Pottsville is a very nice town that millennials are really hot for. It’s probably the rich culture and bright people that you see there. Drinking Yuenglings, popping pills, and selling the PTA’s high school football buttons is en Vogue these days. Those sexy fatties working county jobs are so attractive to the youth in this country. Let’s talk further about coal speak, crappy hygiene, high school football scores, and cheating spouses.

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