Retherford, Keener Shining for Top-Ranked Penn State Wrestling Program

Penn State is back at the top of the college wrestling rankings. They have won six of the last seven national championships and last year alone, they had five individual national champions. In there, two-time national champion Zain Retherford, our local product from Benton.

"We're having fun and trying new things out there," Retherford said after his individual win at Binghamton. "I think that's more fun than wrestling up tight or wrestling to win. Obviously you want to win, but I think the main goal is to just have fun with it and keep trying new things and learning. It's awesome. It's competitive. We were playing dodgeball earlier today and it gets competitive. So, it's fun."

Then there's the two-time PIAA state champion from Blue Mountain, Corey Keener who transferred into the Nittany Lions from Central Michigan. He's having an outstanding early part of the season, ranked 15th in the country at 133 pounds.

"I thought it was time to kind of go to a little bit of a different situation once I left Central Michigan," Keener said in Binghamton. "I was little bit upset with last year how I ended my season and I just thought it was time to maybe come to a new situation and so far, it's worked out well and it's exciting wrestling with these guys. I mean, watching them go out after I wrestle and stuff and just put points on the board and bonus points and everything like that. It makes it fun. It makes you want to go out and score those points, score bonus points, just like they are doing, kind of hold up your own and be part of a line up."

"Just looking forward to my last season here," Retherford added. "It's kind of crazy that this is my last year to wrestle folkstyle. That kind of hit me the other day, but not really thinking of it as my last time, just kind of taking each opportunity as it comes."