Large Businesses Giving Back for Thanksgiving

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DUNMORE -- A car dealership in Lackawanna County is trying to make Thanksgiving a happy one for those in need. That includes turkeys and the trimmings for single moms and a lot more.

When you hear "car dealership" you think of the place you go to purchase a new set of wheels, but Tom Hesser Nissan in Dunmore wants to be much more than that. The dealership has used its platform as a large business to help out in the community. Last week, Hesser Nissan donated Thanksgiving meals to single moms in the area.

"It was tough even for us to know that some families didn't have any meals for Thanksgiving coming up. We're fortunate enough to be able to have a meal that day. They weren't so much, so it felt so good just going to their homes and seeing their smile. The kids were happy. It was big for us. It was a huge thing for us," said internet sales manager Manny Lopez.

The generosity continued on Monday when Hesser Nissan and Chevrolet brought food items to the St. Francis Kitchen in Scranton.

"We're relationship driven, and we really want to follow through with that, so we're focusing on not just doing good business, but being able to give back to the community and have good community spirit and support," said general manager Mike Wilson. "It's really nice to engage, to kind of break away from the business all the time. For just the customers, the people in the community, everybody coming together. It's fun."

And in addition to dropping food items off at the St. Francis food kitchen, folks at the Hesser dealerships also dropped items off at The St. Francis Food Pantry.

"They're so generous to the entire community and one of the nice things about them is that they're not just generous at Thanksgiving and Christmas. They're generous all year long," said Msgr. Joseph Kelly, St. Francis Kitchen director.

And that generosity is something Msgr. Kelly says those in need really appreciate.

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