Helping Homeless and Their Pets

STROUD TOWNSHIP -- About 200 pounds of pet food and supplies sits inside Sit, Stay 'N Play in Stroud Township.

Members of the animal training center collect supplies from community members for homeless people with pets to be donated before winter hits.

"It's important that we realize that homeless people are not just by themselves, they have families and sometimes family includes pets. So we just wanted to bring awareness that pets need help in the winter, too. It's cold. They need beds and food just like humans do," said Lisa Kirschner, Sit, Stay 'N Play owner.

Donations will come to the East Stroudsburg Salvation Army and will be distributed to those in need.

Kareem Cruz lives in East Stroudsburg. He comes to the food pantry to pick up food and supplies, for not only himself but also his dog.

"My dog is my most loyal friend. They supported me here and gave me everything I needed to keep him comfortable and fed," said Cruz.

The drive has already received an excellent response. In fact, the Salvation Army picked up more than 100 pounds of food and other supplies just last week. Everything will be sent over in the coming weeks.

Jill Brink runs the food pantry at the East Stroudsburg Salvation Army. She says these donations are crucial to homeless people with pets, especially during the winter months.

"It's very, very important. A lot of people instead of feeding themselves will feed their pets first. So without the doing this, everyone is being fed even the pets of Monroe County," said Brink.

Donations of dog and cat food, blankets, beds, and flea and tick medicine can be dropped off at Sit, Stay 'N Play in Stroud Township through December 15.