Clinton County Medical Marijuana Facility Up and Growing

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PINE CREEK TOWNSHIP -- A new medical marijuana processing facility is being called a win-win for people who live near Avis.

The business is hiring and at the same time offering up a space to start growing the plant many hope can curb the opioid epidemic.

Behind a gate through a few secured doors in a warehouse near Avis, you'll find a room so bright you might need sunglasses.

The room is full of cannabis plants being grown legally for medicinal purposes.

Over the summer, Terrapin Care Station of Colorado was one of just 12 businesses awarded a medical marijuana grower processor permit by the state.

Since the facility received the go-ahead about two weeks ago, workers tell us all that's left to do now is grow.

"This was an empty warehouse in July and they've done all of this. We've passed inspection. We've moved plants in here. It's been non-stop," said head grower Jason Rochevot.

Rochevot showed us around, The business that's still under construction is growing cannabis that will be used to make oils and vapors sold at legal distributors across the state.

"We want it to be available to patients and we want to keep it out the hands of children and people that aren't legally able to possess it," Rochevot said.

The plants were potted about two weeks ago and the workers tell us they have a lot more growing to do. By January, the entire vegetation room will be completely filled with nearly 1,500 more plants.

"Once they explained what it was and what the end product was, I think everybody was on board," said Mike Flanagan, president of the Clinton County Economic Partnership.

Flanagan worked with Terrapin to find a suitable place for the business that's now hiring people who live in central Pennsylvania.

Daryl Geyer is one of them. He lives in Beach Creek.

"It's kind of eye-opening that you could possibly filter people away from the pain meds and some of the narcotic stuff to definitely help with this industry," Geyer said.

At full capacity, the facility is hoping to harvest 80 to 120 pounds of dried cannabis a week.

Get information on jobs at Terrapin here.



    I was hoping PA would keep that horrible plant off our streets and away from our children! Did you know that you can become addicted by injecting only 1 bindle of weed. Look at that Tom Clark guy he was injecting bindles of pot at work and now he doesn’t even have a J.O.B. anymore. He’s out on the streets doing what he can for his next pot hit. Only GOD can save PA from this horrible epidemic now.

  • warningfakenews

    I donno, I guess they should of predicted how bad that name would be when they founded the county in 1839…

  • Rev. Greenbuds

    Hopefully WNEP goes back to this facility in about four or five months so we can see the fruits of their labor. Big, sticky buds! I will turn on my smell-a-vision for that episode.

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