Business in Northumberland Disrupted by Gas Leak

NORTHUMBERLAND -- Some businesses along a busy roadway in Northumberland County were forced to close Monday because of a gas leak.

Usually on a Monday morning, business is hopping on Duke Street in Northumberland. But not on this day. Construction crews hit a gas line while working on a roadwork project on Route 147.

More than a half-dozen businesses were forced to close after power was shut off along Duke Street as a precaution.

Brad Snyder owns two businesses on this block including a laundromat.

"I have automatic doors and they're locked right now. I guess people's stuff is in there wet stuck in the machines," Snyder said.

No power is a problem when you are getting your car fixed.

"The car is up on the lift," said Missy Wolfe.

Wolfe had lunch at Subway while she waited several hours for her car.

"Can't go anywhere. What do they expect us to do?"

Steve Mertz of Norry Pharmacy had to turn some customers away.

"There weren't any major things we had to turn away. There are a bunch of folks we have to call back and tell them we are up and running again."

Around three hours later, everything was under control and the road opened back up again.

A spokesman for UGI did not know exactly how much gas leaked.