A Look at How Feed a Friend Supplies Are Gathered

SCRANTON -- The Feed a Friend program wraps up Tuesday as the United Neighborhood Centers of Northeastern Pennsylvania will help dish out Thanksgiving meals to families across the area.

Some may be wondering: with so many people being served, how does the UNC gather everything?

"It's called the turkey door," Gus Fahey, director of community services said. "This is where we get all the contributions for the holidays. It comes right down here through this conveyor belt and that's when we start to process.

"It's exciting," Fahey continued. "It's loud. It's noisy. There's a lot of things going on. It's very chaotic, but it's very fun because it's the culmination of all these donations. All these different agencies that have been raising food for our friends and neighbors and it's fun to see it finally come here."

United Neighborhood Centers' distribution will take place on Tuesday at the St. Mary's Center in Scranton.

The Family to Family food distribution takes place Wednesday at the Scranton Cultural Center.