UPDATE: Arrest Made in Cocoa Hut Robbery in Nanticoke

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NANTICOKE -- Police in Nanticoke have made an arrest in a robbery Sunday morning.

Scott Defrain, 31, is accused of handing the clerk at Cocoa Hut on East Main Street, saying he had a gun, and asking for money.

Defrain made off with about $40.

Police charged Bobby Wicks, 40, with helping in that robbery.

Police say Wicks is also a suspect in the armed robbery of a Burger King in Nanticoke one week ago and an attempted robbery of Curry Donuts in Nanticoke.


  • Yeah i said that!

    It will never happen but if you truly want to put an end to this nonsense, every store clerk should shoot and kill the robber. If the robber knows he will become a dead man he will not rob. Even ghetto thugs care a little bit about their own life. And this resolution should also be used on the US/Mexico border. Wack one or two and rest WILL NOT follow!

    • warningfakenews

      Merely practice open carry. Leave no doubt, strap an across the chest holster on. They’ll go down the block instead.

      • Get real

        I’m sure you’ll be fully supportive of “gangs” of “transplants” and “dreamers” walking around practicing open carry….

      • get real

        First, this perp was a good ol’ white boy (like most). Second these folks you hate so much are here — deal with it (or better yet start making some black and brown friends — you might be surprised). If open carry is good enough for you, it’s good enough for them, right?. And then I can’t wait to hear your screaming protests about large groups of open-carrying black or brown men walking through the streets. And of course we then get to read about open warfare on our streets when the “peace-loving” neo-nazis can’t abide the sight of people of color practicing open carry on our streets. Yeah — that’s a solution. get real.

  • I pass gas on airplanes

    Usually the unemployed hoodrats get at least a buck fitty. I’m surprised he didn’t grab a couple two or three forties on the way out. Newports must be under lock and key. Nanticoke must be like a mini Wilkesbarre I’m guessing.

  • Christine Arvidson Xander

    same mo as the other two they need police to start sitting in these places they get robbed way to many times in a months or close earlier something needs to be done

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