Woman Accused of Assaulting Minor Skips Sentencing; Warrant Issued

UPDATE MONDAY, NOV. 20 -- The sentencing for Marlena Uravage, who pled guilty to pushing a 12-year-old girl in a convenience store parking lot in Wilkes-Barre, was moved back again on Monday.

She told the judge that she did not show up for her sentencing on Friday because she was in the courthouse printing out paperwork for her children.

She said she did not know where they were.

The judge asked if she told the police about this, she said no.

She was not sentenced on Monday because the victim was unable to get to the courthouse in time.

Uravage is currently in jail after skipping her sentencing on Friday.

WILKES-BARRE -- The woman accused of pushing a 12-year-old girl in a convenience store parking lot in Wilkes-Barre was a no-show at her sentencing on Friday.

The victim’s mother, Chere Fuller, said she felt disrespected by Marlenea Uravage. She said not only did Uravage push her little girl, but she also did not even have the decency to show up in court for her own sentencing.

Surveillance video taken outside the convenience store is burned into Fuller’s mind. It shows her daughter being assaulted by Uravage in May.

On Friday, Uravage did not show up in court and now there is a warrant out for her arrest.

“She’s like inhuman. She doesn’t care about anything. She has no remorse,” Fuller said.

Uravage was arrested in June and pleaded guilty to assault charges in October.

Fuller said she saw Uravage on Friday morning before she was supposed to be in court for her sentencing.

“We just saw Marlenea when we were walking into the courthouse today. She was right on Water Street carrying coffee so I don’t understand why she didn’t show up here today,” Fuller said.

Newswatch 16 tried to find Uravage. Court papers led us to two prior addresses, one on South Main Street in Ashley and another in Wilkes-Barre. No one came to the door at either home.

If Uravage had shown up for sentencing, Fuller said she would’ve been able to say her peace in court. Fuller said she feels robbed of that because Uravage didn’t appear in court.

“I just really would like the judge to make her apologize,” Fuller said. “She made my daughter feel like she did something wrong to deserve what Marlenea did to her and my daughter didn’t do anything wrong. She’s 12. She was just standing there with her dad and she didn’t deserve this.”

If you have any information about where Uravage might be, you’re asked to contact the Luzerne County Sheriff’s office.


  • Writer Girl

    I think she’s embarrassed and on the run. It’s hard to believe a grown woman would be jealous of her boyfriend talking to a 12-year old. Clean yourself up emotionally, woman, and get a boyfriend worth having.

  • III%

    The best we can hope for that she crossed the border into NJ let her be their problem she should blend in the diversity there rather well

  • In a galaxy far far away

    She should be easy to find. Just wait until the 1st or 13th on Access refill day. Monitor her Access card. When she shows up to get her overflowing carts of groceries to sell off for booze, drugs, and ciggies…..arrest her. They will have plenty of time. It takes a while to stuff 3 or 4 hunded dollars of groceries into a vehicle! Most likely parked in the handicapped zone. Going to make a safe bet she (or her man friend) are not a productive member of society (aka welfare leeches). The only thing people like this understand is when someone capable of defending themselves beats the snot out of her. Or if they take away her Access card….which is not going to happen. She will keep building a balance while she is in jail and can really party when she gets out! Anybody looking to buy discounted steak and seafood?

      • In a galaxy far far away

        I’m tired of being in line with someone on access with a fortune in tattoos, smelling of booze, cash for ciggies while holding their new iphone. Then getting in a car newer than mine. There are plenty of places hiring. Do what I do…work 50-60 hr weeks and quit expecting society to carry you! If you have money for booze, ciggies and tattoos, buy your own food! And who buys two carts of groceries? You must have a walk in refrigerator/freezer to fit it all in. Think I’m joking….go to a grocery store on the 1st or 13th!

  • Dave

    I had to sit back and think about Justus in this case….. I don’t condone the act, in fact it was a hard push, a few days in jail would be the appropriate punishment.

    BUT Here’s the problem:
    – The court system will make her pay thousands and thousands instead, and it’s clear she does not have !….. No one will benefit other than the lawyers and the system !……. All I see is financial greed !

    – Before WNEP issues a story like this, they should tell the entire story. Some people can be pushed over the edge more than others, at least give here that very small respect because should be going to jail for this.

    Just leave it to Luzern County to “cash in” on others misfortune!!!!

  • J

    Marlene Uracowvage should be ashamed of herself. I feel bad for the 12 year old and her mom. Find this cow and throw away the key. PA leads the country in scum!

  • Russ

    Mommy, here is your wakeup call — get the h^ll out of Wilkes Barre with your little girl. It’s dump and a haven for scummers like this washed up over-inked wanna-be cougar.

  • pot smoker

    What a nasty skanky mom of the 12 yr old , Should apologize for her daughter ( and the weirdo blk guy ) Judge of course will be blind , but she can get some more gross tatts in jail , Wadda you call them “mudsharks ” the whole lot of them . EWE

  • Tophat and a Cane

    She was standing there with her father? The guy took off running when this rhino approached. He should’ve protected the yungin’

    • Thomas

      You are misunderstanding what she said. The guy who you see in the video running is a black guy that asked the twelve year old for some jerky. The white trash girl thought the 12 year old was talking to her man. The father is not seen on video, he may have been in the store still. Just wanted to clarify that.

  • warningfakenews

    This is a valuable lesson for a kid to learn, that people who violate the law and have little regard for it are more than likely going to continue in that manner. Come to think of it, some adults could benefit from this lesson.

    Jim Rohn said, “Some people say, ‘liars shouldn’t lie!’. Why would you deal in such Mickey Mouse pronouncements? Liars are SUPPOSED to lie, that’s why we call them liars.” Same deal here.

      • warningfakenews

        Those who were pumping up this kid about the great emotional payoff facing the perpetrator in court to get their retribution delivered by the justice system were falsely leading the girl to believe that triumph in court settles a deed. The real triumph comes when the girl and her family learn to forgive, for they remain accosted by this woman now- but by their own choosing. Is that choosing wisely? Is that resolving anything? Yes, let justice take its course, but no- don’t capture an evil spirit and place it in your own heart. Let it go- on a Spiritual level.

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