A Splash of Color in Scranton’s West Side

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SCRANTON -- An artist unveiled his latest work in Scranton Friday, a mural depicting the city's west side.

People in west Scranton hope the mural draws attention to what's going on inside the building it's painted on.

A splash of color now welcomes visitors to Washburn Street in west Scranton.

Westside painted in its own image on the side of a building that needed a little something extra.

"This was just a big box.. .and it just kind of blended into the scenery. We wanted to brighten it up and make it more appealing to the community. Using the theme, `what makes Westside home?` We had an extensive interview process with the community and we came up with the images that are on the mural today," said Karin Foster, President of West Scranton Hyde Park Neighborhood Watch.

The building on Washburn Street is the future home of the West Scranton Community Center. And while the community came up with the design for the mural, it was painted by Eric Bussart of Clifford.

"People would come by and talk to me about certain parts that had to be up there. A lot of direct feedback by the community while I was working on it sort of influenced how it turned out," Bussart said.

You'll find some famous west side small businesses, West Scranton High School, and a nod to the neighborhood's football tradition.

The mural also has a specific nod to the building`s history- an L.A. Lewis moving truck.

Many west-siders remember the building as L.A. Lewis trucking.

Dave Lewis' parents built it decades ago.

"It`s part of our family`s legacy, and it`s great that it`s going to be carried on," Lewis said.

"I think the artist captured the essence of Westside in this mural, he really did, he did a beautiful job," Pat Lewis added.

Organizers are still raising money to pay for renovations on the inside of the community center. They say the mural outside lets people know they're home.

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