Power To Save: Recycling Leaves

SCRANTON -- In the trees, on the roads, in your gutters and anywhere in-between, leaves are everywhere.

No matter how much you rake them, it seems like a never-ending process this time of year.

This is good news for Mike Latona of Desperate Landscapes. He was unloading bags full of leaves from his truck and says this is one of the busiest seasons for him, telling us no one wants a front yard full of leaves.

“It’s good for the front yard because a heavy leaf blanket will smother the grass and that’s a very good environment for insects and disease and you don’t want that to happen,” said Latona.

Pennsylvania American Water says leaf build up can be a problem, blocking storm drains making flooding conditions more of a possibility.

“Get leaves out of your yards and lawn and have them blow on the street. People don’t realize leaves build up in your gutters and that’s not good. You don’t want them building up in your gutters so it’s good to keep on top of it,” said Stephen Chorba.

Chorba is the operations supervisor for Lackawanna County Recycling on Boulevard Avenue in Scranton. He says it’s the busiest time as trucks from municipalities, landscapers, and homeowners are in and out dropping off leaves.

“Just from the municipalities alone or the general public coming by and it adds up pretty quick,” said Chobra.

The leaves that are dropped off are eventually ground up and turned into mulch to help grow future trees full of leaves and a lot more.

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