East Stroudsburg Salvation Army Host Turkey Drive

EAST STROUDSBURG -- Lines of cars and dozens of walk-ins flooded the warehouse at the Salvation Army in East Stroudsburg with each person collecting everything from turkeys, veggies, pies and more for a Thanksgiving feast.

Jason Lloyd from Stroudsburg was one of the people waiting in line.

"It's amazing for the community. It's a great thing they are doing for the community to make sure all the families get turkey dinners and everything especially for the less fortunate," said Lloyd.

The annual turkey dinner drive helps families throughout Monroe County put a Thanksgiving dinner on the table.

Organizers say this year they will hand out more than 400 dinners.

"For many, it's, without our help, they would not have Thanksgiving so it's very important," said Jill Brink, East Stroudsburg Salvation Army.

Because the price of turkeys keeps going up, getting enough of these birds to hand out was no easy task. But with a little help from the community, they were able to do it.

Jill Brink is head of the food pantry at the Salvation Army. She says it's tough to collect enough food to feed hundreds of families.

"If it wouldn't be for Project Turkey, the last three years, we would not be able to have turkeys so that is why I say it is a community effort," said Brink.

High school students from districts throughout the county were also on hand to load up cars and shopping carts. Many say it's a rewarding feeling to help those in need.

"It feels very good because if we don't do it, they won't have a thanksgiving. Holidays are the most important time and it's what everyone remembers all the time so this is very important," said Adam Chellaoui, East Stroudsburg High School South.

Another holiday food drive is scheduled for next month.