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Dive Crew Searches Area of Interest on Lake Silkworth for Missing Man

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LAKE SILKWORTH--- A specialized dive team with advanced sonar technology was in Luzerne County on Thursday, searching Lake Silkworth for a missing man.

However, there was no sign of 22-year-old Adam Lutz of Nanticoke.

Family and friends of Lutz huddled together in the cold like they have been for the past week, as crews continued to look in the lake for their missing loved one.

Police said Lutz went missing last Thursday. Surveillance video shows he got out of his car on Roberts Street along Route 29 and walked towards the lake.

Officials have been searching for him ever since. After looking over nearby areas on land two to three times over, they recently changed their focus to the water.

On Thursday, a volunteer dive crew with the Garden State Underwater Recovery Unit used advanced sonar equipment to look over an area that search dogs marked on Monday as a section that needed to be thoroughly checked.

The crew also sent a diver into the water in the hopes of finding some answers.

However, they said, unfortunately, they were unable to find any trace of Lutz.

“We originally thought we had a hit, which turned out to be some rocks, which happened to look like the size and shape of somebody. We put a diver in and cleared the area. Now, we have to regroup and re-plan,” Captain Gerry Boylan of the Garden State Underwater Recovery Unit said.

After the divers pulled their boat from the water, a rainbow came across the sky. It was something the crew hoped was a more positive sign after a very difficult search.

“Even with the wind up here, if the wind pushes the boat off our trajectory of where we’re doing a sonar search, we could miss him by a foot or two,” Boylan said. “It’s very complicated to try to and do this, lay out a pattern, and follow the pattern exactly with conditions like we have today.”

The search has been suspended until Saturday. The dive crew said they will likely be back then to check other areas of the lake.

Lake Silkworth Volunteer Fire Chief Jerry Walker has been organizing a quite a lot of the search effort. He thanked all the emergency officials, volunteers, and community members who have given their time in this search so far over the past week. Walker said he is determined to find answers for the family of Adam Lutz and he will continue to use all the resources he can to get the job done.


  • wannabeinformed

    Not to sound disrespectful, but after a week, shouldn’t the body have popped up, floating? IF he’s even in there…

    • chief

      Refloat is not an exact science many factors involved. Or he could be hung up. or not there the questions that we as dive teams try to answer is can he be found if he is there. Believe me its not cut and dry and we do our best to bring that loved one home.

  • Foo Foo

    Ha to thing I’m young is laughable. Yesterday was the first day that the PSP were on scene. As for the garden state team that was here, yes they are ALL volunteer who even buy their own equipment. Please read up on things before you make comments.

  • Jersey

    Have a fishing derby with treble hooks and sinkers only or wait and see as come spring if he’s down there the ole bloated carcass will surface! You owe drug dealers tons of payments generally you wind up as turtle bait

  • Brandon Hussong

    It’s funny how you care so much about first responders getting paid thousands of dollars for their search efforts, meanwhile you likely supported and endorsed the wars in the middle east that bankrupted tax payers close to 5 trillion dollars.

    • Brandon Hussong

      Yeah, show up to his funeral and make that comment to his family. I cannot believe the amount of scum who comment in order to get attention.

      • Eye 4 Eye

        You know for a fact he’s dead? You have something to do with his disappearance? Maybe you should be checked out!

    • 🤔

      Sick comment! Remember your comment and pray nothing happens in your family. I bet you’d feel like crap if people made comments like yours about your family.

      • john williams

        IT HAS HAPPENED IN MY FAMILY- AND THOSE INDIVIDUALS DIED ONLY BY THEIR OWN ACTIONS! – I was only stating a fact- no different than pioneers who met their demise by starvation, animal or Indian attacks. IT HAPPENS!

      • 🤔

        I’m sorry it happened in your family. The comment is still horrible. I believe the original story said this young man had some sort of mental illness. Don’t like to see anything like this happen to anyone. It doesn’t matter if it’s cuz of their own foolishness or what ever. We’re supposed to love our neighbor like ourselves.

  • Brandon Hussong

    You already said that once. No one cares what some moron who has no life has to say. Go get a job or do something productive. It’s sad. You say things on here because you want to rile people up. You are looking for attention and it’s sad.

    • chief

      Our Dive team from schuylkill county was up on Saturday in the rain and sleet fron 7am till 2 pm diving ning sonar and our rov. From Ryan Twp, Took us 1.5 hrs to get there and back home. WE ARE 100% volunteer nothing was paid for not our fuel our time nothing. We do this to help families with answers. Its funny ppl that sit at home on their computer in front of their tv don’t have a clue what we do have so much to say. We don’t judge these ppl we try to help. My suggestion if you don’t want to help or be constructive don’t talk about us that do. We spend money time training and at times risk our lives to better other ppls lives when these things happen. So dont talk about things you don’t know about.

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