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Average Prices for Thanksgiving Fixings Down This Year

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TUNKHANNOCK TOWNSHIP -- With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, shopping lists are getting more and more specific as folks gather their ingredients for the holiday.

"Apples for apple pie. Cabbage for coleslaw, green beans for green bean casserole and eggs for deviled eggs," said Bernice Ludwig, Tunkhannock.

And as the side dishes come together, so do the Thanksgiving plans.

"We're going to be traveling down to my son's house. The rest of the family will be down there. We'll just get together for dinner and enjoy our company," said Frank Kavka, of Meshoppen.

The holiday season tends to be an expensive time of year but according to the American Farm Bureau Federation, folks have been able to save money this fall.

The cost of the annual Thanksgiving meal has fallen to it's lowest level in five years.

The Weis market in Tunkhannock Township is selling affordable premade holiday dinners and those meals have been a hit.

"They're easy, they're convenient, they're good. They basically average $7.50 per person, per serving, so it's affordable, it's convenient and they're enjoyable," said store manager Jeff Shedlock.

And for those who enjoy cooking up the Thanksgiving meal, saving money on all the supplies is an added bonus.

"Oh yes. Always good to save money," said Ludwig.

"We're going to be having a traditional dinner and probably I'll be cooking it. I'm always happy to cook for my family," said Jean Kavka, Meshoppen.


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